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  • @IxIThe-Robin The developer is ninja theory a relatively small sized studio. The publisher is microsoft and they bought ninja theory awhile back. However it does not seem that microsoft is supplying them with developers to work on their games so their team remains small

    I hope they hire more people because it would help with fixing the games issues as well as releasing new content faster

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    Not to compare to Overwatch, but I think that launched with 4 modes (though one was a hybrid of the others) and like 8 maps? It also had around 22 heroes I think. BE is fantastic, I just want it to succeed. I hope they have a lot of great stuff on the horizon to make it grow.

    Okay but Overwatch also spent like millions and millions in advertising. I'm not even going to lie, i didn't see a SINGLE ad for this game. So i have absolutely no idea how they plan to find new players. The game is already dying, as there is little to no content, and people are bored of doing the same thing over and over again. This game will be dead in two months unless they do something drastic, and fast. Low population is the fastest way to kill a game. There already isn't much to do, and after people are sitting there waiting 5 minutes for a match, people will get beyond sick of it.

  • @IxIThe-Robin

    We read everything players post and are always interested to hear what you have to say regarding the content in Bleeding Edge and what you would like to see in the future.

    At the moment we're focused on fixes and improves to ensure everyone has a positive experience when playing Bleeding Edge.

    We will be looking into content and releasing more information to the community about this in the future.

    Thanks for your continued support!

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  • @IxIThe-Robin I just love that they respond to their community, great.

  • @Tetris229 you guys created an amazing foundation. Please don’t hesitate to go all out on the additional content and improvements. I think there’s many ways the fun factor can be improved and frustrations mitigated.

  • Agree, more modes are needed at least to give more creativity on the characters we have to pick or their mod setting... So far both modes are very similar. So each time going for one load out with your team will work very well... I think they just need two more modes for now just so people can have more variety.
    After that I would lookout to build a ranked system and with that excuse start a road map built on seasons and for each season one character with one map. Very simplistic but very useful... That could also work very well with a nice "Bleeding Pass"to buy for each season with new skins, new overboard, new stickers etc etc... It's not hard to do... They just need to focus on the main problems first then I think they should be able to deal with it. Gamepass is there to help the game det to a big audience, they just need to get more variety of game modes first so they can catch the new comers attention.

  • @Votre-Daron yeah, that is really nice

  • @Tetris229 Thanks for the answer and for read us ❤

  • @vDangnoob the games been out a couple weeks....all you "more more more" kids...

  • @Tedakin how much game development and advertisement experience do you have?