Dev plz fix matchmaking so that solo player arent get tortuered . plz

  • i dont understand why in every single game they always mess up solo player experience by simple have matchmaking that extreamly awfull for solo players .. for 2 days start now i had nothing but game of 4 man stack ruin my lobby over and over i dont have word how much damage a solo player face a 4 stacked pre made those ure game all i know is ure growth is not going well ... solo experience is very importent in game like this and after 1 game most players that not invested in this game going simple quit i can tell you that much . solo que or prio que for solo player is must and it only way you growth ure game ... at this point there way to much pre made out there and being solo player focused to play agenst or with 3 stack isnt fun for solo player and there is also solo player just simple want to play solo mean you want to get other solo player and have random match where ure skill mean something instand player agenst a 4 stack and ure skill has nothing to say ... i am so sick of player def this awfull pre made vs randoms stuff becuse they dont understand how awfull it get for the solo player but trust me this not first game that has extreamly awfull filling to playing becuse it dont mater how good you get .. whenne you face 2 - 3 - 4 pre made and all you do is make player hate the game and also weist every1 time in proses becuse just not fun at all

    plz Dev i beg plz fix ure matchmaking so solo player have better time or you just simple going kill ure own game becuse pre made dont grow ure game the way solo players do .

  • @shadev3385 How do you know for sure when you are going against a premade team? As far as i can tell the game doesn’t tell you

    In my personal experience as a solo player who doesn’t use a mic, matchmaking has been quite good so far. I do not feel outmatched and i do not feel like my opponents are usually in a party

  • @ShadoWawker Sometimes you can tell, because the way of walking together all the time identifies teams that have been playing together for some time. Some even have composition and focus on a specific player. When a team focuses on the right player at a time, you know. Often the other team is really good, but when they walk like a cell it is undeniable.

  • @Andre-LMay-BR Was on many teams with no mic, we walk together and target the healers first without even talking together. At the end of the day it's a team based game, so solo is out of the window I think.

  • @Votre-Daron I hate solo players, but teams playing together with tactics and a microphone is not fair even against you who believe in fair matchmaking. I hope you never find these cancers, because that's what they are. Composite teams should only exist in a ranked mode.

  • @Votre-Daron feels like you're just pretending you don't know what's being talking about here or you just didn't play the game a fair amount yet. Sounds too naive too believe.

    I feel his pain.

    I know what to do and how too play my role, to play objective and to stay together whenever possible, but there are players who just don't give a damn for it. They ruin player experience.

    Fortunely, I could solve my problem when I found some good people to group up. People who have mics and actually listen to it. Sounds simple, right? But some people just doesn't care. They just don't give a s***.

    You'll learn it when you start playing.

    Matchmaking must be solved, for it ruins experience of those who care for the objective and the roles they're playing.

    I hope that least ranked solves that kinda issue.

    The game is good, and I've found me a "solution" (as long my mates are online). I just hope they fix it before people start leaving the game, for I like it.

  • @Andre-LMay-BR I mean i play with a mic on every competitive game. If you are not using one you can not complain about others using a mic. If you play a competitive game i expect people to use a mic, i think its idiotic to not use one.