Knockdown requirements?

  • @D4m0R3d If you go into the dojo, put the enemy on "Aggressive", and do the jumping hold X move with either Makutu or Nidhoggr (I am sure it is the same for others). Why does it only some times knock down the enemy?

  • Could it be that the AI is just dodging on the first frame they get knocked down and you just can't really see it? If I set the AI to just stand there, it gets the knockdown every time.

  • @TipsyRuben The AI is getting knockdown with a slam attack, the problem is that they seem to be able to initiate a get-up attack literally instantly sometimes. Pay attention to the exact animation of the attack. It's more obvious if you do it against like Kulev or Maeve.

  • @TipsyRuben I've been wondering the same thing and my conclusion is I think if you hold x on the third hit it sends them up. If tapping x 3rd time they will go outward. Please test and report back. Thanks.

  • @h2baked8110 at least with makutu)

  • @Evade-This5965 Thanks for the input, I definitely agree, If I look closely, I can kind of see them 'recover' really quickly. I think this might lead to an interesting meta if a player can instantly recover on the frame they get knocked down. It seems like it would make you have the advantage for sacrificing one bar on a dodge at the right time. Maybe not that big of a deal and might even be a computer only thing, but interesting none the less. @h2baked8110 yea I know the 3rd hit HOLD sends them up, but if you do as I suggested in training mode sometimes IT DOES NOT. I think it is for the same reason though, the AI is instantly dodging/recovering as soon as you hit with the knockdown/launcher move. Thanks for the responses guys!

  • It feels so inconsistent. They must do something about it.

  • @MegaEdu13 its not as inconsistent as you think. Ita actuallg one of the more reliable features but there's a lot of nuances most players dont understand. I'm working on a video where ill talk about it.

    The stealth mechanic though - that's inconsistent.

  • @Evade-This5965 Looking forward to this!

  • @Evade-This5965 can't wait for you to explain me how it works then.

    Where can I watch it?