Knockdown requirements?

  • @TipsyRuben

    i dont know what you are asking. i assume you are talking soley about makutu because hes the only person i see you mention. you talking about the knockdown after hes already pulled them into the sky? when you pull them into the sky you can either tap the button to kick them away or hold in the attack button to slam them down.

    if you are wondering how you hit them into the sky, its tap, tap, hold. if you are talking about why it doesnt knock them into the sky sometimes its because you probs didnt do the combo right, tap, tap, hold. you may press hold too late ya know.

    if its about you doing the lift animation but them not being effected i think that might just be lag, or they evaded. or yea you werent close enough when you hit it

  • @D4m0R3d If you go into the dojo, put the enemy on "Aggressive", and do the jumping hold X move with either Makutu or Nidhoggr (I am sure it is the same for others). Why does it only some times knock down the enemy?

  • Could it be that the AI is just dodging on the first frame they get knocked down and you just can't really see it? If I set the AI to just stand there, it gets the knockdown every time.

  • @TipsyRuben The AI is getting knockdown with a slam attack, the problem is that they seem to be able to initiate a get-up attack literally instantly sometimes. Pay attention to the exact animation of the attack. It's more obvious if you do it against like Kulev or Maeve.

  • @TipsyRuben I've been wondering the same thing and my conclusion is I think if you hold x on the third hit it sends them up. If tapping x 3rd time they will go outward. Please test and report back. Thanks.

  • @h2baked8110 at least with makutu)

  • @Evade-This5965 Thanks for the input, I definitely agree, If I look closely, I can kind of see them 'recover' really quickly. I think this might lead to an interesting meta if a player can instantly recover on the frame they get knocked down. It seems like it would make you have the advantage for sacrificing one bar on a dodge at the right time. Maybe not that big of a deal and might even be a computer only thing, but interesting none the less. @h2baked8110 yea I know the 3rd hit HOLD sends them up, but if you do as I suggested in training mode sometimes IT DOES NOT. I think it is for the same reason though, the AI is instantly dodging/recovering as soon as you hit with the knockdown/launcher move. Thanks for the responses guys!

  • It feels so inconsistent. They must do something about it.

  • @MegaEdu13 its not as inconsistent as you think. Ita actuallg one of the more reliable features but there's a lot of nuances most players dont understand. I'm working on a video where ill talk about it.

    The stealth mechanic though - that's inconsistent.

  • @Evade-This5965 Looking forward to this!

  • @Evade-This5965 can't wait for you to explain me how it works then.

    Where can I watch it?