Supers need to be game changing

  • Supers don't feel they do enough to turn the tide in a game a character should be able to use an super at the right timing and it should turn the game on its head

    And another character should have an super that combats this so there's a balance

    Most of the time an super will do virtually nothing.

    Love the game btw

  • I do feel like certain supers may be underpowered but saying they ALL are is pretty crazy to me. Do you have more specific ones that you think need changed?

  • @Morgsj07 Honestly I can´t agree with your statment. I´ve been playing OW since launch and I can tell you: Supers are very important to a game but when they are all game changing we get to a point where anything else metters. You start playing as if the super was the only way to achieve victory. I have been enjoying how the supers are powerful but not broken. You have methods to avoid them and if you can´t it doesn´t mean you are dead or lost the game. For me it is perfect the way it is. The only thing I would add is to make the voice lines louder during ults, I don´t know but sounds more epic showing that you are in the spotlight.

  • @Morgsj07 NOOOOOOOOOOO, thank you, you want busted ults play overwatch, the supers here have to be used with a brain and can be a win condition with a good team.

  • @Morgsj07 This sound great at first, until you realize Overwatch has the same thing and it's basically a press Q to win'athon (or whatever people bind their ultimate as here). Regardless, I like how ults are at current. They deal high damage but can't win you a 3 vs 4 by just doing it unless you're extremely lucky to cosmic levels. In fact in many occasion ults may or may not completely turn a fight in general, and that's how it really should be.

    In the case of some ults needing a buff, I can vouch on that sure. Some characters have awful ults (of the two) that basically leaves no reason to use one over the other. That, I can support changing/tweaking.

    @OddRedemption <=== This guy gets it.

  • @Morgsj07

    i disagree. supers 100% turn the fight on its head. at least if you are good and know what you are doing. i have seen elbastardos 1v4 because of how they use their ult.

    zero cools 1 up ability is amazing

    nidhoggr ride the lighting is super good. it can be combod with other ults like casses spin move and will basically wipe that team.

    maeves ult will easy kill someone, and her teleport ensures sneaky characters like cass and daemon die (very clutch)

    kulevs bamboozle can easy guarentee an instant kill. in a 4 player game 1 kill is insane

    gizmos mech will basically give her a second life and will allow her to output shit tons of damage, her rocket is good for instant damage

    mikos ult can save people from dying and replenish them to full. and her invis can make it easy to escape or get the jump on peeps

    daemons ults are both good, one makes it super easy to hunt down people, and the other one does good damage and makes him invulnerable.

    if these ults were any more powerfull, they would be op and there would be no point in fighting. just meet and have an ult off. whos ult counters who. that aint fun.

    and i couldnt agree more with what @OddRedemption says

    "Supers are very important to a game but when they are all game changing we get to a point where anything else metters. You start playing as if the super was the only way to achieve victory. I"

  • Then you do something wrong 🙂 I only play Daemon and Cass at the time to max level them out and i can tell your post is not true. I got alot of triple kills with Cass ult and i think 3 kills turn the team fight. You just need the mod for 25% more damage when using the spinning ult and a damage boost before using it and it melt trough people easy. Same with Deamon i often kill 3 or 4 people with my ult but i use this marking ult. Its often not a problem when using right to cast it on all the 3-4 players.

    Cass Triple kills
    without damage boost

    Daemon Tags

    So you see ults can turn fights 😉