Increase end of game rewards

  • After each match i only get like 16 credits. And no mod parts unless i level up. This progression is definitely too slow

    I thought it was fine during the beta. Even without the double rewards it was still much better than what we have now. Now the only extra credits i get are for most kills. What about objective score? What about winning and completing the match? These should still reward credits and mod parts

    I know the devs want people to play their game a lot which is natural but purposely slowing progress is not the right approach. If it takes too long to unlock stuff that is annoying and off putting.

  • Yes I have to agree, I play support ( zero cool ) so very little kills, I think it should be separate for the support class, so rewarded for heals. Same for DPS class, rewarded for kills etc. But we def need rewards for cell collection / drop off and point captures.

  • Agreed 100%.

  • @ShadoWawker

    It takes you around 200 games to unlock a recolor skin, that's way too much, and definitly not enough credits.

  • @ShadoWawker I agree. We need an in-game team up option. We need player icons so all team members can have same icons if they want to, should be added with Ranked mode. More rewards at end game is a must and these skins suck lol, re-colours suck. Better skins are a must. Characters that don't have boards should have something to compensate for that. It's a fun game just needs a few more touches.

  • I have just come from a full game and got 1 credit :S Says it all really.

  • @ShadoWawker this is so true they have to increase this soon