Soooooo... I just want to see what builds you have and compare (MIKO)

  • During the end of the second beta, I couldn't find a good mod combo to work with her, at first, it was freezing all the way, lol I even got to get the piercing to proc once or twice, but it wasn't helping the team.

    I decided to look at chain healing a little bit more. I knew that this was one of her best ways of healing, her passive can be really good, however relying on that alone sucks. So I went with something simple that I should've been using.

    (Can't remember the name that well)

    1. Default chain heal mod: More healing for you or your team
    2. Bounce healing reduced cooldown: Again, less cooldown, more healing
    3. Battle footing: reduced the cooldown of all abilities. for each hit, you decrease all cooldowns by .15s, not a lot, however, if you do her combo cancel, it shaves off more than half a second

    it simple but it could be better. Note this is just focusing on chain healing

    I like to see what yall have and lmk if I could make this mod combo better

  • Since you've already brought up Miko, I'll go over her. Please forgive me because I don't remember all the details off the top of my head. Once the game drops, I am looking to create a build that heavy on Chain Link and another one for Stalker (since I tend to use that ultimate more).

    I had the stun duration and piercing mods for her freeze ability. I found the piercing to work well at times.

    Which left the last slot to switch between the slowdown when enemies are in her shield and a mode that increases Miko's movement speed when receiving damage (which reminds me of Bangalore's ability from Apex Legend and actually REALLY like it lol).

    The additional movement speed helps with survivability and being able to escape... because I honestly can't always depend on my team to get out of dodge at times.

    But yeah, that's the build I had for Miko because I use freeze A LOT 😅

  • Yeah, the only time I'm ever using freeze to chase down someone with a teammate or combo cancel them with freeze. (melee, melee, melee, freeze, melee, melee, melee, melee)

    I did look into the movement part of her mods and the shield one stood out to me, and I think it's a 20% movement increase if she hets hit.

    I'll definitely try this out during launch

    Thank you!

  • @FruityBoiWonder Yeah, the 20% on hit was the one I was talking about. From the small amount of time I used it at the end of the beta, it's pretty clutch.

    I do have to use freeze to stop people from chasing me as well 😆