Character Idea

  • @Evade-This5965
    oh dude yes a hyprid human could be cool. a human/ bat might work imo. or yes a human who has augmented themselves to be like a bat. although if this person were to be a villan or evil how would that fit into the lore? cause they are fighting against a tyranical government arent they? i mean maybe this bat aurmented cannibal is the reason the government has been turning on augmented peeps???? or they could just not be a cannibal and someone that has these kinds of traits but uses them for good.

    if it is a bat augmented person there ult could allow them to see every enemy though walls. with the good hearing and all. and the other one a deafaning scream that stuns peeps or silences there abilites? hmm idk that sounds too much like nidhoggr, maybe it slows them down. or it could be an ult that allows him to fly around and attack people somehow.

    we kinda need a healer next actually. we have 4 tanks, 5 dps and 3 healers. so maybe. he can be a support that empowers its teamates? i dunno lol

    anyways im sure the devs have shit tons of their own plans lol

  • @Evade-This5965 Sorry but English is not my first language.
    leaving the objective areas for no reason? Seriously
    This ability is similar to that of the Overwatch Shadow except that you don't have to keep playing your ability at all times, as the coffin can only be moved if you want to. Sometimes, to deliver cells, your team has to defend two points, being able to use the coffin as a bait. When the guy feels confident to deliver 20 cells his skills will always put you around is very strong. It's a new idea I think the coffin is very strong, in many films vampires have a connection with their coffin, maybe you can be alerted when trying to destroy your coffin, making the ability even stronger, it would be a great sign that someone would be around to deliver cells.
    The coffin is not as fast as the Shadow ability, but the Bleeding Edge maps have cool features like points where you can use them to hide your coffin.
    It is based on the combat skills of Bleeding Edge. Something like Daemon's ability, but playing in the air is very strong and you can continue with a combo, this makes up for the lack of other skills, as the coffin and bats are more used for area control and defense.
    I'm sorry. Your character becomes bats and not vampires, language problems. This ability is very strong and unique so far in the game, the developers created the game and thought we are going to put everyone under control, but not my character. That would be really cool to even see on the screen.

    killer instinct:
    This ability goes so well with a vampire that's why it's so cool. The intention in addition to getting faster is that you can see the aura of all your enemies and those with less than 30% health aura in red, because this is really a vampire thing, like the fear of death making your blood look different color of fear. And it would be interesting to nullify Maeve and Daemon’s ability to hide, I hate invisible characters. Daemon said goodbye, I was invisible, my character with this ability will say not today. BRAWWW
    This ability seems weak, but in combat where your team knows how to play it must be insane, look at the special abilities of Nidhoggr or Daemon. Who would stay in a red area with the risk of being paralyzed for 3s to which they will surely lose 30% of life.

    That's the idea of ​​a character, I think vampires are fantastic. Maybe you can use three bars and have a double jump like ZeroCool. It would be cool, double jump, bats reach a platform. I thought the character was cool.

  • @Andre-LMay-BR Your idea is cool. I was just trying to help balance out the concept. Who knows, the devs might build something based on it in the future! My only thing is I hate feeling forced away from the objective by player abilities, since I consider them to be poor design. Coffin is both annoying in that sense and easy to ignore in another sense. Basically its a character that will never die... but if you're saying its like Reaper's teleport ability (I think that's what you're referring to?) then yes that's not fast at all. That's more balanced, but I'm definitely never going to go out of my way to destroy the coffin.

    Anyway, great concept!

    @D4m0R3d Yes I want a hybrid bat dude!!! I'd play the crap out of that. I mean I know Elizabeth is female but I'm just saying my preferences haha. Why would they need to be evil though? Lots of BE characters are edgy and somewhat anarchic in a screw 'the man' kind of way haha. Of course I'd be pretty much the same in what appears to be a borderline dystopic society.

    I do think we need a healer next, just because 4 feels like a good baseline for each role to have early on. But I'd also like there to be more damage options than the others in general. Depends on which way the devs want to push the meta. Healers in particular can disrupt the balance of the game so hopefully they put good consideration into it.

  • @Evade-This5965 nah i was talking about evil in order to somewhat stick to the original guys idea. sucking blood from peeps sounds evil to me. but then again i mean daemon uses an axe, and gizmo uses a gun. but then sucking blood or being a cannibal how do you explain that guy to be a good guy ya know lol.

    but yea they dont have to be evil. they could just be a scientist that was trying to help humans advance, like lizard guy from spiderman, or man bat from batman. only the government turned on him and fucked with his studies or some shit so he used his studies to advance himself so he could fight against them.

  • @Votre-Daron is this true? i know of Mekko. but theres more?!?!

  • @Andre-LMay-BR I would like to see a voguing robot, doing vogue melee combat.

  • @Evade-This5965 Tks for help. I don't know how to balance this character in terms of speed and strength, but it would be nice to see him working.

  • @Votre-Daron
    I think Ninja has a lot of ideas, but I'm passionate about games and maybe I have some ideas. I have an idea for two or three more characters besides this one so I believe that Ninja must have the concept of many characters, because the amount of material from other games is huge. I simply put this character in because the control of this game is currently insane.

  • @QuirkyQU33FER

    of coarse they are going to be releasing more characters. they dont mean theres gonna be multiple new characters on release, just that they are obviously gonna add things to the game over time. just as overwatch does. overwatch only recently just released a new character. and that game has been out for years now.


    yea im sure they are probs working on multiple new characters atm, they probs have concept ideas or ability ideas for shit tons of characters.

  • @D4m0R3d
    Another dps character lol.

  • @Votre-Daron

    lol hopefully another healer

  • @Andre-LMay-BR
    All I want is a voguing character that would be so great.

  • @D4m0R3d
    Actually echo is the 17th dps, what a shame, anyways hope BE will not do the same mistakes.

  • @Votre-Daron really im suprised shes a dps and not a support. i always thought echo would be a support

  • @D4m0R3d
    Mekko is a tank, his damage won't be that high. For me, tanks act more as support than sources of damage. I've played with teams with three damage characters and it worked, but I've never played with teams with three tanks.

    @Votre-Daron You should try Just Dance.

  • @Andre-LMay-BR

    yea i know about mekko and love him so far. looks really cool.

    and yea tanks are a form of support, they are basically the shield where as dps is the sword. healers are the person. tanks protect.