Layout of Objectives

  • Objective points on the top middle of the screen read out A, B, C reading left to right. But on the mini map, they're laid out C, B, A viewing left to right. Is there any way we can have the objectives on the mini map read in the same direction they are on the top middle of screen? It always throws you off at first because of how it's flipped.

    Thanks you guys!

  • i think it actually depends on what side of the map you spawn, but i agree that if that happens it should display it that way at the top

  • @D4m0R3d Yea I'm not 100% sure, but I feel like it's always flipped. Either way, hope they look at it and fix it 🙂

  • @lX-Tension-Xl What @D4m0R3d said is correct, it's always oriented so you're facing "north" on the minimap at the start of the game. I'd rather not have that change. The only thing I would ask is that sometimes the points stop displaying what letter they are, such as when they have the lock symbol and such before the objective opens. It should always say the letter in my opinion.