I'm seriously worried about this game...

  • For those of you who don't know who I am, my name is Eastham and I've been following this game since it's announcement at E3 2019. Since then I've played every single technical alpha and beta so far, I travelled to X019 just to meet the team and play the game some more, I've made a YouTube and Twitter channel called Bleeding Edge Network which is have used to submit feedback through videos and share artwork and news about Bleeding Edge. I also help moderate the community Discord channel and usually lurk in there too, so basically I'm a fanboy.

    My feedback so far has generally been positive and I have at some points even defended the game about various things, however now I am going to break my silence and stop. Last beta was pretty good except one major issue, which was the overall in-game lag. It was abysmal, if an enemy jumped or dodged, they would just teleport... that's all they had to do to completely disorientate me which as you can imagine lost me ALOT of fights. But I told myself, it's the beta, it's fine, they'll fix it next beta.

    So now we are at today. 13th March 2020, the beta is in full swing and the release date of Bleeding Edge is in 11 days (10 as I write this). I eagerly jump on as soon as I finish work with plans to play ALL weekend and stream. My first game I end up against an NA stack, just to be clear, I live in the UK. Apparently if your ping is good enough, this can happen which I'm fine with, except my ping clearly wasn't good enough as it was filled with lag like I mentioned before. What about my next game? Still laggy. Try playing Makutu and try to land his uppercut when everything is stuttering. So yeah, not good so far (we even won the second game). So how about my third game? Still laggy and at this point, I was defeated. I honestly couldn't care less about emotes, parrying or Mekko due to the fact that they aren't important. Stability should be the number one priority and right now, I get the feeling that it isn't. It makes me seriously worried. I'll try again tomorrow and if has improved, I will amend this post.

    Another thing is please fix Makutu's barge guys. Every first barge you do in a game will lag hard.

    Night all, GL HF.


  • @Makutu-or-Feed

    i didnt have a lag issue last beta. it was fine. what is your internet like? although i have been placed in NA servers but i that isnt a server issue but a lobby issue? rather than placing us in foreign servers make the wait time longer and place us in our own servers, maybe set it to 7 mins max, then place us in NA. otherwise make us wait for au servers. if thats not the issue then its just a playerbase issue and they probs need to better advertise the game and watever.

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  • @D4m0R3d I thought it could be my internet, but other games are fine on my Xbox and PC. It's worth me attempting to play via my PC so that's on the to do list for tomorrow.

    Yeah, I could've constructed my post better however both are still issues. I like your suggestion, personally as long as I know, I'm fine with it.

  • I had some lag in my first game on beta 2 (I use ethernet cable to my xbox) but none in the next few. I do live in NA so yeah. But on my end, no problems.

  • @Makutu-or-Feed

    I think for me, my main worries surround the long term success/longevity/popularity of the game. Being so team focused and quite unforgiving, I can see it relying on a niche community, similar to the Alpha community we had in a sense. You and I both know, more than a lot of people, that when the game works and when you get those really intense close matches, it's brilliant. I think the task has always been to maximise the amount of those game we get.

    Server stability has been a bit of an issue for me today as well. But it's not much different to most multiplayer games released nowadays. There seems to be a need for an acclimatisation period of sorts. I can name double digit amount of games that have had difficult server issues to begin with in recent times. I don't like how it's become a standard either but I think there's a case to be made that they're not out of the ordinary in experiencing these issues pre-full release. I do have sympathy and know how difficult it can be to fix these sorts of issues as well, just reading basic UE4 documentation makes me want to weep 🙂

    I know you know this already and you've always been super supportive, but they are a super small team in comparison to most. As far as I know, the entire team is UK based as well, so at 3-4am it's difficult to expect much progress in fixing some of the server issues and other bugs that have arisen

    I'd be more worried if the core game was unenjoyable, rather than server stability being a bit shaky in a Beta, but I understand your concern as it has frustrated me today as well

    RE: Makutu's barge, it's the same with El Bastardo's Death Spiral. Again it's all latency related I assume.

    Fingers crossed mate and keep the faith! 🙂

  • @x-AmberPrice Thank you for this response, it really made me feel better. I will try again tomorrow and also install it on PC so fingers crossed!!