tier list/strongest and weakest characters

  • With my final beta game in the books I feel like it's a good a time as ever to think about where the characters stand right now. For some background, I did not play Alpha but in this beta I was able to maintain a positive win/loss ratio and keep above a 46% overall win rate. I got to level 10 account and my highest level was Cass at 7, with Buttercup following at 4, and Miko also at 4. The only characters I have no expanded play experience with are Maeve, Daemon and Makutu but I have fought against them plenty. For my near complete gameplay chronicle, check out my vods at twitch.tv/theamazingvector.

    Also Dragon Board 4 lyfe.

    Anyway, from my experience here is my tier list. I have done my best to keep them in order from strongest to weakest. This is also more or less from a baseline fundamental standpoint, without too much access to expanded mods for every character.

    REV 1 (2/20/20)
    S Tier: Buttercup, Maeve
    A Tier: Daemon, Miko, Kulev, Cass, Nidhoggr, Zerocool
    B Tier: Makutu, El Bastardo, Gizmo

    After watching tons of footage and taking into account tips from the Discord and this thread, I have a feeling this list reflects more accurately what we value going into Beta 2. Here's my breakdown:

    S Tier: The S Tier is the top cut. Buttercup still stands at the top because of her utility, combos, and plethora of options. She is a character who can control the match and requires a lot of attention to take down. She is also very mobile, making her flat speed increase better than the traditional Dodge in most cases, especially in combination with her Oil puddle. She also has more than a few ways to interrupt active special moves with her Mounted Attack and Yank abilities, as well as having access to two very powerful Supers. She fits onto any team and is overall a great pick for most situations.

    Maeve is a character that a lot of us are worried about. Though interruptible, her Cage to Siphon combo wreaks havoc on enemies and to the uncoordinated team this alone can spell death. Though she has her counters, even at half HP any non-tank is susceptible to a near instant-death ranged combo at her hands. Her Supers are strong and her escape requires constant attention to minimize her re-positioning. She is a character that goes well with all other forms of lockdown, including both of Nidhoggr's Supers. While Daemon may carry the threat of instant kill combos, Maeve's ranged superiority can wrap up an entire team if they are not careful.

    A Tier: This tier may house the majority of the fighters, but they are not on equal ground. The first 3 make up the top of this tier as Daemon, Miko and Kulev are all incredibly strong picks. Daemon and Miko transcend their archetypes with tools and combos that go beyond their classifications. This lets them deal big damage and extend combos, or offer much needed utility and crowd control where other characters could not fit this bill.

    Kulev and Cass are both strong, albeit flawed picks. The surprising tankiness of Kulev allows his abilities to shine in a teamfight situation where if given an inch he will take a mile. With a well-coordinated team Kulev is a deadly addition, but his lack of escape and the fragility of his healing totem hold him back from truly shining in the face of Miko.

    Cass is another strong pick, with her unprecedented mobility and acces to both ranged and melee attacks. These combine to create a character who can both survive all-out attacks or destroy entire team off of a single sloppy play if they are aware enough. Cass is also able to chase enemies out of the fight and re-engage faster than the target can get back and be effective. Her main problems lie with her low health and solo vulnerability. Cass is not a character who can turn around a losing teamfight and struggles getting in on a well-coordinated team who prioritizes her presence, pushing her into a more ranged harasser role than a true assassin. Though effective, she is outclassed by Maeve and Daemon in the long run due to her lack of utility and linear playstyle.

    Nidhoggr and Zerocool make up the end of the A tier, being strong picks that offer a decent amount of control to the match. Nidhoggr deals a ton of damage effortlessly using his fire attacks and while limited, his combos deal massive damage with potential instakill situations. His health regeneration is also very strong, allowing a mindful Nidhoggr to carve his way through the enemy team with mixups and traps while staying healthy. His main problems come from a lack of escape options and slow, predictable combo attacks. Nidhoggr also has a hard time against characters who peel well and Buttercup/Makutu, who don't flinch in the face of Nidhoggr's blows, making it difficult for him to get going in the heat of battle. However, if left unchecked, Nidhoggr will decimate the enemy team.

    Zerocool is the only traditional style healer in the game. His maneuvering, flight, and walls make him a slippery character that can be difficult to pin down during a teamfight. His healing is huge and will more often than not save its target from certain doom only to top them off quickly afterward. His problems lie with his lack of true escape options outside straight-up disengaging from a teamfight and reliance on the scramble to keep him safe during the brawl. He is heavily checked by Cass, Daemon and Buttercup and has no chance of victory against traditional ranged DPS. He also must be in range at all times to heal effectively, which stunts the effectiveness of his kit. While not weak, Zerocool is a tough character who heavily relies on his team to see him through the match.

    B Tier: These characters are niche picks. While not useless, feedback and general consensus brings these characters here. El Bastardo and Makutu both seem a tad under-developed as tanks. El Bastardo seems much more like a nerfed DPS character given a larger health pool to sustain him, as his gimmick isn't nearly as good as Nidhoggr's. While he has decent combo ability and damage, his weak stun and poor peeling ability make him a weak choice for a tank overall. He also takes hitstun during combos, allowing him to be peeled away from his target rather easily.

    Makutu is a fairly focused character with a wide variety of tools at his disposal. His biggest problems are his slow attack speed, complex micromanagement, lack of kill abilities and a stun that proves to be rather weak in the long run. While Makutu can peel with the best of them and offers amazing utility, his kit feels incomplete and while he may check Daemon, he has a tough time against Cass, Maeve and even Nidhoggr if not played optimally. It will take a good amount of mastery and an aware player to make Makutu shine.

    Gizmo is a character that needs help. While her damage can get into ridiculous territory, she lacks mobility and security outside her team to actually get the job done. Being a ranged character she must rely on parries and prediction to avoid the mixup while being able to keep her positioning to keep sustained fire on the enemy. This means that unless the team is built around Gizmo she has a hard time finding her place on the battlefield. She can get scary once she gets going, but it can be tough to get there to a team wary of her presence.

    These are just my opinions. What to do you guys think now that we've finished the beta? What changes do you want to see in Beta 2? Let's talk!

    Previous list:
    s+: buttercup
    s: miko, daemon
    a: cass, kulev, maeve, el bastaqrdo
    b: nidhoggr, zerocool
    c makutu, gizmo

  • Nice list and explanations. I'm inclined to agree with most, although I'd say it's worth acknowledging it's too soon for any of us to draw definitive conclusions. If it were my list, I'd place Nidhoggr higher due to his utility and drop Cass down some. I'm not convinced Cass is a top damage; she feels very vulnerable, and while not easily tracked down, can be countered hard and thus is heavily reliant on the right team composition for her to shine. I'd smell trouble coming if she were the only damage on my team. Lastly, I also feel that the margin of difference between the strongest and weakest characters is fairly thin. I suppose only time will tell!

  • @Cold-Conduct These are just my impressions and while I agree that it's a tad too early to tell definitively, there is definitely an apparent shift in picks the higher you go in matchmaking. My main reason Nidhoggr is so low and Cass is so high is because not only is Nidhoggr reliant on a gimmick to really shine (fire) but he is pretty much useless against Buttercup. His basic combo is also painfully slow and is probably the easiest to parry outside of Bastardo.

    Cass dosn't suffer from these problems because of her ability to rapidly reposition and mixup her combo from ranged to melee to avoid the parry. She is also a kill confirm expert. My Night 1 on my Twitch shows some nasty Cass play that made me believe she was actually higher tier during that time, but after experiencing it all I gotta concede she's no match for Daemon or Miko.

  • Nidhoggr should be in the S tier. He does so much damage to attackers and tanks due to the stun and the burning. That's just what I think

  • @AmazingVector

    My playtime was a bit limited unfortunately so I'll wager your impressions are probably more accurate. However as an early Buttercup main myself, I've got to say Daemon and Nidhoggr still gave me the hardest time despite what you've mentioned about Nid. I think his reputation as a tank melter is well-deserved even if Buttercup puts up the toughest fight. Good point about the predictable window to parry his slow attacks, though. No doubt this will become a big factor as the game ages, but I didn't encounter many who could consistently pull them off yet.

    That said, I'd assume your reasoning for Daemon having a field day against Cass is due to his ability to close distance? That diving (think of Bastardo's leap as well here) is exactly why I feel Cass is vulnerable. If she's left free with a lot of space she'll pick off your team like it's nothing, but being mindful of her cooldowns and choosing the right time to dive on her is a game changer. Aside from that, I suppose I'm anticipating a heavy crowd control + ability + silence meta coming so I'm using that as the baseline for where I feel everyone will land. These reasons are why I believe Nidhoggr is at the very least a safer and more consistent pick in most scenarios. But hey, this is what makes these discussions fun! Seeing how the meta shakes out in the coming months will be an interesting ride. Feel free to counter or expand on your thoughts some more if you'd like.

  • Buttercup is strong but I wouldn’t put her S tier. She can’t dodge and she has the worst self sustain of the three tanks. She’s good but I’ve seen her get blown up this weekend way more often and faster than the other 3 tanks. She is what I’d call a “safe” pick as the other two tanks fit certain comps better but she kinda fits all comps well. I played her the most this weekend just killing zeros haha.

    Nidhoggr is probably A tier. His passive healing and %damage is huge. Ride the lightning combined with blade dance or blade storm or toil n trouble is GG. His silence is a murderer too.

    Maeve is S at least. Imo she’s broken. Easy safe and insane dps. So many times this weekend if a fight lasted a long time and dps was half hp it was cage drain reset cage drain reset cage drain reset. I got a ton of kills with her and hardly died. They need to make drain do less but make basics do more damage.

    Zero is a liability in coordinated teams. Whenever I’d see him on the enemy team I’d rejoice because I knew it was about to be a 3 on 4

    Matuku needs faster attack animations to be viable. You can’t play around with his combos because you can’t get to the higher parts of the chain cause they’re too slow.

    Cass’s B move should cleanse slows and be reactivatable to return to take off spot. Maybe give her 25-50 more base hp.

  • TBH, I never noticed Buttercup being that much of a factor on opposing teams, but maybe I never faced a really good one. That said, you give a convincing argument for her being top-tier. I never really considered all the tools at her disposal.

    Overall, I think your list is accurate, with the possibility of Bastardo and maybe even Cass moving up a spot (A+?) with the right build. Makutu needs some work, but is fun to play IMO.

  • @Cold-Conduct Honestly, Daemon just sort stands above every other DPS because of Invis, Sleep and high damage. The sheer amount of mixups and mindgames combined with being able to dodge into Vanish to escape pressure then sleep someone who is a key performer is absolutely ridiculous. This sort of play leads into a snowball no other character can correctly emulate. It is also nearly impossible to win against Daemon in a 1 on 1 setting because can always get away. Also the problem with Bastardo's dive is that the window to dodge is so big that even a Swoop goes off in time to do so.

    A lot of folks are talkin Nidhoggr but that dude needs to get off attacks to heal back. That's where his problem lies, especially against Buttercup. In Nidhoggr V. Buttercup, Nidhogg MUST NOT fight Buttercup unless he is backed up by Buttercup because Nidhoggr cannot get healing going when focused by Buttercup. She disrupts his flow entirely if focused or peeled as he gets stuck in hitstun while she does not. El Bastardo suffers from the exact same problem in that when you have to be hitting Buttercup for him to build barrier. Buttercup invalidates these characters on a fundamental level while not needing to commit any special or Super moves to do it, she just needs to attack and it shuts down the gameplan entirely.

    @HammerxOfxLight Her inability to Dodge is offset by the speed boost she gets, which makes her able to dip in and out of the fight at will. A mindful Buttercup can go deep and back out without a lot of opposition if she is hooking the enemies focusing the healers. She MUST be blown up and resources MUST be dedicated to killing her exclusively. If the team gets a kill, or if the enemy team is successfully routed, Buttercup gets a free mount up which is like getting a free interrupt AND a free charge. I've even done this mid fight because of her Run instead of a Dodge to dip behind cover, mount up, then get that Burnout attack off to displace the enemy so hard and stun then for so long that they just get destroyed in that 1-2 second window they are skidding alongside me.

  • @HammerxOfxLight I also wanted to note that I thought Maeve was S tier as well but her biggest deal is Daemon, Buttercup and Miko who are all able to interrupt her combo and throw off her rhythm. In a game where those 3 are on the same team can spell death for Maeve if noone wants to deal with her, so it really only takes one successful bait for her to get hooked and now you gotta wait again.

  • @AmazingVector

    can you link me your stream?
    i would like to watch how you play cass.

  • Tier S- Nidhoggr, Buttercup, Kulev
    Tier A- El Bastardo, Maeve
    Tier B- Daemon, Miko
    Tier C- Gizmo, Cass, ZeroCool, Makutu

    I'd say the ideal team comp from the beta would be Kulev, Nidhoggr, Buttercup, and El Bastardo, but for all intents and purposes I made a general tier list to focus on all characters overall in comparison to everyone else and thus we have this masterpiece...

    Nidhoggr has the deeps, HP/Siphon, pick potential, etc. Butterbuns also has pick potential, she's hefty 😉 , and annoying af with crowd control shenanigans while using Burl to passively heal. Kulev is a nice support providing AOE healz & dmgs, shields, and Curse, also his ultimate is the best one out of the 3 supports (imo).

    Next, the bastard will make you cry while the witch locks u up in your room and make u suffer. These are kinda obvious as the second strongest.

    Now, the demon and Neko-style are a good bunch, but lack some stuffs to make them competitive in teams.

    And then there was one...wait what 4? The trash tier, basically, they are OK in some comps, but really just underdeveloped, as much as I would love to play Makutu...he sucks :(.

    I'm sure the stats will change in the next beta 🙂 .

  • Nice tierlist overall, but i think you put Gizmo too low, she is the only character capable of dealing over 20k damage, due to being the only one with sustained damage, but it is true that she is excessively vulnerable against melee fighters and it needs to be tweaked

  • @Bibertrompete It's in the OP, but for you? Here 🙂 twitch.tv/theamazingvector
    My Vods from Night 1 are mostly Cass.

    @SoM3-R4Nd0M-NuB I just think Nidhoggr and Maeve can be thrown off very easily and it's tough to escape with them. Maeve's vanish is nowhere near as good as Daemon being able to vanish and then sleep. IMO there is too much you can do to tech out of Maeve or Nidhoggr's combos.

    Guys come on, Nidhoggr and Bastardo lose to parries and Buttercup. I'd put Nid higher but the fact his combo is so slow and his mixup game is piss poor makes me put him where he is. Between him and Zerocool he is def the better choice, but he is simply lacking in important areas, especially against Buttercup where escape is pretty much impossible. Bastardo is a good, solid pick but the fact you can react to the jump template makes it a bit rough to confirm the kill to an aware player.

  • Very interesting to see all the differing opinions!

    Just for a bit of fun...

    Tier S

    Maeve - I think not only is she very powerful, she also has a super simple yet incredibly effective basic combo - Cage & Siphon. Cage for me is one of, if not THE best ability in the game and the rate she can shoot them out of the sky is ridiculously frequent. Time your Vanishes correctly and maximise her Schadenfreude and she is borderline unkillable in the right team set up.

    Tier A

    Miko - She's unbelievably self sustainable. She's like a Tank & Support cross class. In those big team fights, she's incredibly powerful as she's constantly dishing out AoE healing whilst having a second healing ability on a super short cooldown that she can use on herself or bounce around her team. Her other two abilities are extremely powerful as well.

    Zerocool - Incredibly difficult to kill if your whole team aren't actively focusing him. He has so many different ways to escape potential threats, even more so with his mods - he easily has the most powerful mods out of any other character. Jetpack, Wall, speedboost, bot healing, defrag. Strongest healing output in the game by a considerable distance too. All he has to do is maximise vertical positioning and he is safe from half the roster.

    Daemon - Massive damage output. His infinite invisibility is extremely good (and usually quite frustrating to deal with!). Best pick for hunting supports. Combo cancelling is extremely powerful with him - shift strike out of invisibility -> first 3 of 4 basic attack hits - throw a shuriken before you knock them away on the 4th basic attack hit -> full basic attack combo. Has the potential to insta kill some squishy characters if allowed to pull off.

    Nidhoggr - Very tanky for a DPS. A tank killer himself for the amount of damage he can output whilst not as vulnerable as Daemon. Axe ability is really powerful if you get the stun off as the stun lasts a considerable amount of time (longest non-super stun in the game?).

    Tier B

    Buttercup - She's so tough to kill especially with decent healers backing her up. Hook is a very strong ability. As is the Oil drop. I was surprised how often that oil ruined me during the Beta weekend.

    Gizmo - Lack of escape options is the difference between Tier A and B for Gizmo. Positioning is super important for her. She can probably deal the biggest damage output out of every character. Her Mech Super is very strong too.

    Kulev - The weakest of the healers IMO, certainly as a solo healer, but still a very viable pick. Bamboozle is just really fun as well 🙂 His design is S Tier though, easily!

    Tier C

    Makutu - A bit surprised at the almost unanimous conclusion that he is useless. I think the problem with him is that he's entirely situational. He is so beefy and if he gets the right amount of healing love from his team then he can be a real asset. The best way to describe him is a disrupter. I played a lot of Capture Points with him and found a lot of success in just sitting on the point, bouncing enemies off the point and gaining as many objective ticks as possible.

    El Bastardo - This is my "main". So maybe I'm just bad with him 🙂 But I don't think he's actually that good. His Leap in theory is a great ability. For example, leaping onto a Zerocool in the background. But after leap, he is immobile. By using leap, you are the engager. The enemy you leap onto, for example the Zerocool, is now in the position to defend, so he would use any number of his escape abilities. Then that's enough to counter El Bastardo from dealing anymore damage until his Leap resets! He's also a bit of both DPS and Tank but doesn't fulfill either role as much as others in that role. E.g. You want more damage output? Pick Nidhoggr. You want more survivability? Pick Buttercup. Just IMO.

    Cass - My second most played behind Bastardo, so again I might just be bad. 🙂 I think Daemon fulfils her role much more efficiently and effectively. I think she's incredibly squishy. Maeve is such a hard counter to her, you almost HAVE to switch if the enemy team has a Maeve. I don't there's a harder counter in the game than Maeve on Cass. She's super fun to play though and another in the S tier for design 🙂

  • @x-AmberPrice Nice list, super interesting. I agree with a few choices, especially with Kulev as the weakest healer if picked solo. Even more surprised to see Cass lower than Gizmo and Bastardo and Makutu at the same tier.

    Just a thought, how much do you value your tanks kill confirm ability to their survivability? I feel a lot of us put Makutu so low because he is that sort of "utility tank." That role is pretty much filled by Miko tho, as you said. That's the largest discrepancy with the tanks being that Makutu, while useful, isn't nearly as good at peeling and killing than the other 2.

    Has anyone tried to hook or freeze Maeve during the combo? Shit Miko can even Bubble shield in response and Nidhoggr can Axe toss in response. Has noone clapped back against her?

  • @AmazingVector nice list, man. I feel you why gizmo being down there, i main giz and i do really really good with her every game with 12k+ damage always at first but gizmos on other teams just cant find out how to use her or just simply get discouraged due to her low health, bad escape and weak abilities. (But the mec its my favorite ult) Ultimately buffs to her abilities should be a mian concern. O and I'd put daemon at S- lol

  • @AmazingVector Maeve is the best escape character, having the cage and vanish, whilst also kiting back and healing at the same time, so unless you mean she blows her cool downs and is running from 2+ characters, I'd agree, also she has pick potential, which makes her an A-tier character imo. For Nidgoggr, I have no doubt in my mind that he is the best character if you are good (at least in the current game state). Not only do you have an extra dodge via Powerslide, u have a ranged stun, which could be dodged, but that leaves you susceptible to his combos, yes even without his stun. Having Buttercup as my main (6 K/D while actively tanking) Nidhoggr still melts me. I don't see a situation where Nidhoggr does not excel in tbh. Regarding Daemon, he is still a B-tier character due to his lack of HP and susceptibility to insta death from dive teams. You could say he could vanish, but ANY ability that touches him makes him visible...not so OP, also you can actually see him in cloak mode and call it out!

  • First off I want to thank everyone for your input. I have learned a lot and I feel like I know what to look for in my twitch vods and looking forward into next month. This conversation has brought very well-informed opinions and interesting takes on nearly every character. So sincerely, thank you! I also wanted to encourage anyone who streamed to post your streams and clips in THIS THREAD so we can get some sort of footage bank going!

    Now, continuing the discussion.

    Maeve and Nidhoggr

    These characters are considered by many to be a top-cut, some thinkong above the likes of Daemon and Miko. While I do believe that despite the percieved power level as scaled by the tier list that both of these characters are solid picks who fill their role well, there is a case against both that fundamentally holds them back from excelling where the others do almost effortlessly. I want to make it clear that the following opinions are from matchup experience and gameplay situations that I found prevalent while playing.

    While Nidhoggr is indeed a strong pick with powerful specials and devastating Supers, I truly believe he is lacking in both combo ability and escapability. These factors, combined with his slow attack speed and his reliance on combos to restore health makes him just suboptimal when it comes to other choices. Bastardo included, as his already large health pool and special moves add to his comboability as a whole while still getting a similar (if not better) benefit. It also comes as a surprise to me personally that his slow and predictable attack rhythm doesn't get brought up, I have learned that during Beta 2 I should Dojo against it because towards the end I felt confident for the parry on hit 2 of his basic combo. It may be uncommon but it is definitely something to think about.

    Being a Ranged character, Maeve is already at a disadvantage to Miko. The Bubble Shield can respond to Cage, forcing Maeve to approach and be within Freeze range or reposition on another target. Buttercup and any character with a stun can interrupt Siphon on reaction, even using combos can break it, which results in forcine Maeve to either Vanish or reposition quickly to optimize basic DPS. As another point, I feel ranged in general is weak against melee because if closed in on you must either parry or know exactly how to escape in a way that can shake not just high speeds, but mixup situations and potential isolation from your team. It is incredibly tough for Maeve if she is the target of sleep as well because of this, being out of the fight at large allows Daemon to effectively neutralize you even during a Siphon, which is another mechanism to throw off her reset gimmick.

    I also want to make it a point to say I will be revising the first post tier list in some way to more accurately reflect information from this point on. Thank you everyone for the discussion, I can't wait to see you all out there trying new stuff!

  • @AmazingVector I will agree that Nidhoggr is slow and has no escape abilities but his combo ability is pretty good if you have a player who really can play him. That's why I consider him to be in the S tier list.

    I literally destroyed a really good Miko player just by hitting "X, ,X ,X ,X > Combo Y > Z > V > RT > then X's (4)

  • I'm not seeing enough defense for makutu here so as a makutu main here's my thoughts (Devs if you're reading this ignore what I say and just give him a huge buff or remove evade form the game plz). For the lazier people there's a TL;DR at the bottom

    Makutu's greatest strength is his ability to not die, an ability people don't seem to use correctly. As you've been saying there are several characters who can end up dishing out large amounts of damage to other characters, this would usually end in their death unless makutu is around, I've found that several times I've charged into a DPS or two to save a teammates life and it usually pays off. pepeke stance gives makutu the highest base movement of any character apart from when Cass's passive kicks in, this speed makes it neccesarry for makutu's target to use stamina or abilities to escape, meaning they'll be at a disadvantage if they re-engage too quick. Makutu's ora stance is also incredibly useful; he is already the tankiest character in the game, but the ora stance enhances this by allowing him to passively self heal, not only making him sustainable in a fight but also allowing him to recover once a fight ends and making hit and run tactics innefective. On top of this, just like buttercup he can't be stunned by basic attacks making him dangerous to get close to.
    His abilities aren't useless either: repellent, despite being his worst ability, has a few uses; it does just enough damage and has just enough range to finish of critical targets, it can interrupt combos and put makutu just out of an enemies reach and it buys just enough time to capture a point or deposit some energy cells. His stance abilities also have their uses, ora stance gives makutu an AOE heal that also applies to himself, this can give him and his allies just enough health to make a getaway or continue fighting, pepeke stance allowes him to cleanse all negative movement effects and provide a small move speed boost to all nearby allies, making him a bit more annoying to hunt down. His charge is probably his most useful ability, it disrupts everything and can only be stopped by things like maeves cage or daemons sleep, useful abilities that would be better of saving if the victim survives, if the target connects with a wall they take significant damage and are now stunned, allowing for easy follow-up attacks; while this move is easy to doge if you can see it coming, it activates incredibly quickly and can catch an enemy of guard in close quarters, it can also be canceled at any point during the charge allowing makutu to follow up quickly even if the attacks miss. As for his ultimates, despite the fact they are quite weak compared to other characters, they are still useful: idk much about the ball ult but it can effectively keep a capture/delivery point clear while dealing out damage at the same time; as for the invincibility ult, it can save the whole team if used correctly and allows for some incredibly aggressive and disruptive plays on the enemy.
    Overall I'd say makutu is meant to be played as a shield to other characters: a makutu can easily hold off a Daemon or Cass attempting to take out a healer, and if a teammate is capturing a point or depositing energy then makutu almost assures their safety. In comparison to the other tanks I'd say that while buttercup and el bastardo are meant to be played agressively and offensively, makutu is better for agressively defending.

    As for his matchups, i'd say he kind've shakes the tier list up a bit:

    Daemon: in my experience, Daemon isn't much of a threat to makutu. daemons low health pool means that makutu can actually deal a sizeable amount of damage and the matchup usually ends with the Daemon running off after only taking out a quarter of makutu's health. A Daemon could try a hit and run strategy but ora stance would make it take too long to be viable and if the makutu's smart then they currently control the objective.

    Cass: Cass matchups end the same way as Daemon matchups usually, if Cass gets caught by makutu's charge then she'll be left on close to half health before being able to evade away. The Cass could try keeping makutu at range but pepeke stance can close enough distance to scare her off before she does significant damage.

    Ranged characters: these matchups are similar to Cass apart from the fact that they can take a few more hits before needing to retreat, a ranged fighter that's a bit too close to the tanks is a prime target for makutu's charge and will likely end up being forced out of the fight.

    That one melee healer that I can't remember the name of: it is almost necessary to use the freeze on an attacking makutu if this character wants to escape alive, her general lack of escape options makes makutu a huge threat and will end up with her dead if she runs out of stamina.

    Buttercup: buttercup has about an even matchup with makutu, as neither of them can be stunned by basic combos it just ends up as a slap fest until someone finally dies, buttercups biggest advantage is that the makutu can't really escape but both players will probably get bored before someone reaches low health

    Makutu: same as buttercup just longer

    Nidhogger(or however it's spelt): this is probably makutu's worst matchup, he doesn't really have the movement options to escape the fire and if the nidhogger is positioned correctly makutu can't get close without taking a fair bit of fire damage, however if the nidhogger uses all his abilities immediately then makutu can turn the tables with a well spaced charge

    Id say makutu is about A tier in terms of the beta. With a decent amount of teamwork he can be taken out fairly early on but otherwise he excels at keeping people away from the point or the rest of the team, the only thing he lacks is (the equivalent of) a parry.

    If you've got this far and still would say he's bad then please do because then he may get a buff and I'll be even more powerful

    TL;DR he can't kill he doesn't need to kill, just keep people away from the objective or the team; a thing he does very well. He's A tier.