All mods should be available from the start

  • Imagine this game had ranked matchmaking, and mods were gated the same way they are now. A group of players that place well and are in plat/diamond/master would have at most a single character they have their preferred mods on, and probably only one viable build for that character for a long time. Which means they can't flex if they want to be effective, they can't even change characters within their role, they're locked into one character for dozens of hours.

    Really, think about how bad that is. Think about how much damage it does to the competitive scene to prevent players from switching picks or builds, to prevent them from having full access to competitive gameplay. I guarantee if the competitive scene is neutered like that, it won't attract high level players, which will drop retention and you'll end up with a dead game in 2-3 months like Battleborn.

    I say all this because I like the game, and I want to see it succeed, and I've seen decisions like this cut multiplayer games off at the knees before. There's already a system of progressive unlocks for cosmetic items, you don't need to gate a core component of gameplay on top of that.

  • Though your argument does not make sense and I initially disagreed with you after thinking about it it would be interesting to attempt different builds.

    But that will come in time and let's face it, you can have a 'god-build' on your character, if your Team is full of Lone Rangers trying to nurse their K to D ratios and ignoring the objectives you're still gonna get knacked.

    There will be plenty of time to experiment with builds when the game releases full time. The most interesting will not be individual builds but rather Team Builds, because what's a 'god-build' to you is again going to be trash if you can't synnergise with your Team.

  • I wouldn't be opposed to this idea, but I think it's a non-issue. If someone hasn't played the game enough to put together a few builds for most characters then I don't think they should be considering a competitive mode yet in the first place. I'd hold myself to the same standard. Besides, I like having a sense of progression and being able to earn more mods as I play will be motivating. It doesn't seem like it will take very long regardless.

  • Agreed. All mods should be available for a ranked mode (and there better be a ranked mode). In fact, next beta should have all mods available by default. I'd rather they do this and wipe progress at release then the way it was this weekend. In the end, I had to recycle a bunch of mods to get a build I actually wanted to play. Needless to say, this is not a good way to incentivize playtime.

  • @Sol-Aethiops they will be adding a ranked mode but after the game has been 2-3 months old so everyone can get the feel of it and learn the mechanics. I don't believe mods won't carry over (not sure) but I know cosmetics will. I don't mind if they reset everyones character rank.

    No problem with having all mods unlocked in competive but for me it's more rewarding to bust so much hours to get enough currency to buy that one mod you need to complete your build. Super rewarding