• It would be great if characters had more melee weapon combos. The game may get stale using the same combo and abilities everytime.
    If there was a light and heavy attack system, I feel like that could add a lot of depth to combat. Also every character should have a charged heavy attack, and ranged characters should have alternate fire modes.
    Maybe every character has a bunch of combos, but you can only equip 3-4 per loadout. That way with mods and combos you could have a lot variations in character loadouts.
    Overall the game is great and has a ton of potential. I also love the character designs, everything looks great.

  • I agree there should be more depth to the combo system. I do love this game and want to see it do well. It does have the potential to bigger than what it is. I feel like there should be a variety of combos with each character because it does get stale really quickly and I always feel like I wish I could do more with my combos. Light and heavy hit would be a great addition to the combat system. I would like the light and heavy attacks to be two separate buttons, I personally do not like it when games combine light and heavy as the same buttons, it makes the game feel less engaging. The combos do not have to be 20-40hits long. I want something simply, different combos ranging between 1-7 hits. L=light. M=medium L+M=H=heavy "-"= repeating/mashing

    For this I am going to make a movelist for a character in the game because it will be easier to me to get the idea and point across.

    Examples/Ideas for Nidhogger
    LLLL: his stand 4combo in certain game
    MMM: he kicks his opponent twice and the final hit, he slaps the player his guitar
    HH-: he jumps in air and slams his guitar on the opponent and he continues to hit them by mashing
    LLLHML: it's a combine of previous mixed in
    HHML: air jumps into guitar slam then spits on his opponent then bitch slaps the player XD
    LLMM: first two hit of standard combo then he grabs his opponent and gives them a death roar into the ear.

    You can add status effects after certain combos to make them more impactful to the game. You can give the combos and effects which can lead into guaranteed ultimates or compliment them. In my examples, after Nidhogger's LLMM combo. When he does the death roar into the ear it can silence the opponent for 1sec and he could combo that silence with his ultimate, so that single enemy will be silenced for 3seconds. This is an example for a melee Character. If I were to give an example for a range character, we need to talk about them first.

    A range characters currently hold only button as their main source of damage output except for Cass, she has melee attacks. The ranged character act more as gunners, so I understand why these characters do not have combos. Should we give the ability to act as gunners and flashy combo extends. If we were to give them combos, I feel the combos should benefit survive and/or damage output. Giving them combos make require a new control scheme for these characters. I will make a movelist for Gizmo because I feel she will be the easiest.
    R=rapid fire(the rapid fire is the character shooting normal in game).
    L=light. M=medium.
    L+M=H=heavy "-"= repeating/mashing.

    Examples/Ideas for Gizmo
    LLLHR: she swings her gun in front of her shooting bullets in a cone. The final swing is 360° and she can keep going, but get dizzy after 3secs.
    LLH: she swing her gun, but she kicks her opponent and puts the player in hit stun. When Gizmo presses R, the opponent will be launched into the air by her bullets as long as she holds R. The player will not remain in the air forever because after 3secs the airborne opponent will fall to the ground.
    MHM: first attack, the gun is rammed into the opponent, second attack, both players are locked in place, and the third attack, Gizmo's gun explodes causing the opponent to fly away.
    H: she into an assault stance. By pressing R, Gizmo unleashes a barrage of bullets at insane speed; however, this is not Auto aim. The player has to manually aim and Gizmo moves slower in this stance, but deals more damage.

    Okay.........This was a lot to unload. Developers and anyone on this forum please leave your input. I want this game to succeed, I REALLY DO!!!! WE ALL DO!!! Your opinion matters to me, Ninja Theory, and EVERYONE who wants this game to do well. PLEASE!!!! VOICE YOUR OPINIONS!!!! This game is certainly a caterpillar right now and if we work together it can turn into a butterfly. We are here because we want to have fun and enjoy this game.

    I agree with making the combo system a tid bit more complicated. As @JakeSauce-A1 said even just a light/heavy attack system which is just 1 more button would make its enjoyment value and skill cap both significantly better

  • There is a heavy attack you just hold X while in the air. Very basic lol and some people might not see it has a heavy but I do because I see it has you Spamming (X) then those are light attacks then you can hold X while in the air to perform a drop down heavy attack but of course you need to be smart about it and position yourself right when in a 1v1 battle.

    There's only 3 people who can't perform those I believe since all three of them are rangers