Please improve the parry mechanic

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    The only problem with the parry is that you have to deadstick movement to use it. Should just have a different button. Right stick click maybe since i don't think that's bound to anything without pulling LT if I remember right. If there is something there I can't remember and havent used it lol, so it wasn't that impacting. You buff it or make it too easy then you will never be able to kill anyone melee ever again. You will just get parry locked as a daemon or miko or someone and then get focus blasted down. Keep the tight window on the parry but find a way to bind it to a seperate button from the dodge. Deadstick works on smash because it's a 2d platform and movement. Not 3d where movement is key to surviving.

    I agree. Left some feedback hoping to see parry reworked into its own keybinding. That's a quick and easy start to improving it.

  • @The-Doubtless Agreed on this. Nidhoggr pretty much asks to be parried during his combos so I feel it is a useful option at least against certain characters. Deadsticking feels awkward though in a game where I'm always thinking of my positioning.

  • I don't think the parry is "pointless" at all. I think it's a really positive addition that requires time to perfect. It is unique to the evade as it stuns your opponent for a very short moment.

    That being said I do think it needs improving, similar to what's been said above.

    Having to completely immobolise yourself in order to parry is extremely awkward and does not feel intuitive to play at all.

    I also felt that I would only parry if I'd ran out of stamina. I think that's both a combination of my lack of experience with it as well as the fact it's currently much smoother to just evade rather than let go of all control and attempt to time a parry.

    The problem is not the parry itself but the button it is mapped too. Perhaps 2 taps of the right trigger (Xbox) in quick succession could signify evade and one tap could signify parry? It's a difficult one as you're running out of buttons the controller!!

  • It does need an improvement, i have played a lot of Gizmo and with her, specially, feels like somehting necesary since she only have 2 dashes and no melee attacks to counter or stop the enemy from hitting you, and her only other mobility is her pad, but it cant be placed while getting hit, and if you place it, you need to walk over it, and while getting comboed it is impossible, so the parry is your way to go as Gizmo, but it feels very weak, i have pulled it many times specially against miko and daemon since you can spam the button and get a parry just because they attack so fast, but there is no reward because they are gonna reach you again in a second, it should grant something else to compensate its difficulty, but a hard stun or a knockdown is too much and will only cause parry baiting, so i thought, maybe if it does what it does now, but knocks you back at the same time, because, with gizmo there is no point on stunning them for a strike since she has no melee attacks, same with zero cool and kulev, it should create space for them, or even better, parrying succesfully regenerates stamina, so you can parry, dash and create space, this would work for rangers and melee fighters, since you can use the dash to either close the gap and attack, or creating space for yourself

  • Honestly parrying with each character should feel different. Someone like Daemon might use a parry and get a shorter window to attack over someone like Gizmo, whose stun should last longer so she can get away. It is definitely useful, especially against Nidhoggr and Bastardo who attack like slugs and need their hits to land to be effective. I feel like that and being able to parry without deadsticking are the biggest deterrents from the mechanic at large.

  • Hey everyone, I just wanted to add my thoughts. I was super excited to hear that they added parry into the beta. Honestly, I spent the first hour or so trying to learn the parry timing against each character. From my time practicing, I generally had the toughest time with Daemon because his slashes are quick lol

    But I did manage to pull off this one moment in an actual game: Video *Apologies for some of the language, I was happy to pull it off.

    But even with that, I don't think it's fair that people can just dodge out of it so easily. I play a lot of fighting games and they generally reward you with something big. In my opinion, I think dodging should be disabled or locked for a variable time (similar to Killer Instinct's Lock Out mechanic). That would force the other person to either parry or receive the incoming combo/damage.

    Either way, I want parrying to be a vital part of this game because it could bring something different. I like parry, it just needs some improvements.

    I'll be watching this post to see if new things happen. Take care!

  • @PricillaAtticus maybe like 4 second delay before they can dodge again? Thanks for the video btw, that El Bastardo was

  • Yeah @ll-Sen-ll, just something to reward players for going out of their way to parry lol

  • @xBobbyWave I agree as well, the time frame to parry is just too small to be viable in the heat of battle, especially since you have to hold still.

  • @Napkin-Warrior love the ideas man. Especially the one where your parry grants a buff, that’s what I call rewarding. High risk, high reward. I like the idea of being able to customize that as well. Parrying should use up stamina in that case, that way your not stuck with an opponent that can parry infinitely.