Changes to Hoverboard

  • Really liking the game, but here are a few things should be changed in my opinion, focused on the hoverboard.

    1. You should be able to activate the hoverboard while in motion. Having to stand still while doing it is a little annoying and slows things down.
    2. Taking damage should not deactivate the hoverboard. It makes escape impossible and is pretty frustrating. It slows down gameplay and takes away the potential for chases, etc. If you're playing as a weaker character such as a healer, escape and survival feels impossible when swarmed atm or up against a damage character or tank.

    That is all. Looking forward to the full release.

  • @Tedakin other games with mounts do the same thing. Being able just to hop 9n during combat is a bad idea. Supports are suppose to be with the team and get help at way

  • I disagree with this completely, being able to mount while moving will allow people to just endlessly run away - and if you don't dismount people on hit, how do you ever catch them?

  • @xBobbyWave yeah I would have to agree.

  • I'd just like to see hoverboard mounting changed to a toggle key. One press to start mounting up unless interrupted by an enemy attack, and another press to cancel mounting up. I don't like having to stop dead in my tracks or accidentally mess up the timing of it by moving forward before I'm actually on the board.