Anyone else lagging badly?

  • First of all this is not an issue with my internet i’ve tried several other games all work fine with no lag as is usually the case for me.

    Yesterday I tried 4 times to play and it was lagging to the point where i had to leave the game the last 2 times. I would’ve left the 3rd time as well only stayed cuz we were winning by a lot but that 3rd time actually had the worst lag i’ve ever experienced in a multiplayer game

    Today I would say it has gotten slightly better, the matches are somewhat playable and I can at least see what’s going on for the most part. However it definitely is not even close to an acceptable level for online gaming. I get that it’s a beta I really do but this is too extreme of an issue to ignore

    I have only seen a few mentions of this problem but a lot of people seem to be playing with no lag which I find strange. Please let me know whether you lag and how bad it is. I live in cali which is also a major region so that makes it even weirder to have so much lag

  • @ShadoWawker yeah had the same thing

  • @bioblaze10656 What region/country are you in? It’s hard to tell how common this problem is because obviously most people are not going to talk about it on the forums. They either do in game bug report or just stop playing. But i have a feeling it’s actually affecting a good number of people. Or maybe we just got really really unlucky for some reason