Please add a separate keybind for parrying that'll also make you stop as necessary!

  • Right now it feels super clunky to have to let go of all movement keys to avoid dodging when trying to parry. Title would solve that problem neatly 😃

    BONUS: Being able to use the Tab keybind for other functions as well as changing the hero info bind.

  • Absolutely. I mentioned this in my feedback post, but parrying feels like a waste of a mechanic right now, due to it being so clunky to use.

  • It just takes a little more skill to pull off (and really not that hard). I thought it was a prevalent opinion here that game lacks some skill based mechanics so now you have it :D. I understand that probably you weren't one that was demanding that a parry was added so no offense!

  • @bobislavinson Doesn't have anything with skill to do, it's just an awkward non-intuitive bind in an otherwise very casual game. I think it's great if they add more mechanics like that which increases the depth, but clunky = skill is NOT FUN