Beta First Impressions/Feedback

  • Couldn't find a better place to provide feedback, so this is my opinion on Bleeding Edge after playing some beta matches:

    Objective Control is fun, but Energy Control sucks. Hear me out on this. If someone is losing a fight, unless they are very outnumbered and getting chain stunned, it is very easy for them to turn and run away. In Objective Control, that's fine. They run off the point, you cap it, win. In Energy Control though, there are so many objectives spread around, people can run away from you and still get an objective done. There's no penalty for them running away, so I spent most of those games just chasing people in a video game marathon.

    Zero Cool's heal is stupid. It can outheal a full team's worth of damage on a target, so it's impossible to kill someone while he's still alive, making him a mandatory first target. Not fun to have to chase him down every team fight, especially if your teammates aren't helping you focus him.

    Maeve is fun and interesting, but she is completely mislabeled as a damage character. Her damage output is extremely low, making her basically just a support with no healing. Yes, stuns are helpful and she has a good escape, but with limited damage, her contribution to a fight is...minimal. Other people have equally useful stuns, but also have damage or healing.

    Would love to hear what all of you think could use adjustment/tweaking. It's a beta, let's give them something to listen to!

  • @Cheddar-Love Zero Cool is the first to be wiped off the face of the earth and it's really very easy to do so. He has no self-protection/heals and stun-locks super easy, to where it's Zero fun to play as him. His mobility is god awful and every match i played as him i was the first to be targeted and killed in seconds. There's no saving yourself or getting away as his heal has shit range and he can do absolutely nothing else while healing someone.

    He contributes nothing as a support character in the grand scheme of things. His dmg is lame, his abilities suck with long timers and trivial overall value. He has a single beam heal that leaves him wide open and relatively close to the action.

  • To add to this, there needs to be more to combat and team effort. Different combinations or power ups (like Power Stone). Also Daemon doesn't seem to do much damage even though his health is low. His RB is weak as well.

    Lag is bad too. Overall I do like the game and can't wait for more fighters.

  • (Power Pickup Thought)

    There's a small delay in destroying the power pickup box and the power appearing. It's like a second delay but once you destroy the box you anticipate the mediate drop of the power. I have slipped of the small paces where they spawn just as i destroyed the box and fallen of the high area. It's a bit annoying, I think the power should drop immediately

  • This post is deleted!

  • Maeve is good if you know how to play here. i do agree though that zeros heal is flipping stupid and really hard to take down if he just keeps running away

    • on a side note i really think they need to have one healer on a team because if you two then you have no chance of winning or killing anybody what so ever.

  • All character movement speed need to be adjusted. IE Daemon needs a speed increase. The hoverboards speeds need to be increased and additional utility added. Otherwise they are just another lootbox cosmetic item to drive microtransactions. Mauve is a support character and Miko is actually a damage class.
    Overall, each character feel generic, I don't feel the need to master any one character besides there unlocks. Unlocks feel like they will give an unfair advantage to people who play often or spend money on the game.

    Maps are too big for Energy Control and you don't have to play the objective if you work as a team. Once you eliminate the opposing team, setup outside of their spawn point and pick them off as they respawn.

  • @ll-Sen-ll With a team of Zero, Miko, El Bastardo, and Daemon or Mauve, you don't need to a play the objects.

  • @Kas-mc They have no intention what so ever to put micro-transactions in the game. They said it themselves on their YT channel

  • @Kas-mc of course not but I was like I was saying with a team build like that you might as well leave, no point of playing because every one is getting healed unless they're a bunch of potato players. I faced a team just like that and my team couldn't pull it off cause everyone was just getting healed

  • Maps are too big for Energy Control

    That's why they added the hover boards to balance it out, plus you can go through the other entrance on the side. It's not like OW were you have one Main entrance and the opposing team is just standing there