Free game please

  • Re: Do not abandon the game

    The game is fantastic, I agree do not abandon it. They could leave the game for free, there are few players and they will no longer have the game abandoned and the value it is. Free game please.

  • @HaruoPlayer1 Olá Haruo! Tu acredita que eu ainda jogo?! Infelizmente está abandonado. Mas fazer o que né?!

  • First for a game be F2P it needs to have a monetization model, devs never show had plans for bleeding edge and much less for be at free to play, would be great if this game had a free trial of 2 hours without need gamepass in order to play, but since devs simply didn't want to engage much even with the amount of people whose care about there game, listen feedback was quiet lacking a lot and now they just give up, feedback for them will be useless now.

    I believe, since the servers for some good god's will are working, someone could try doing something that devs couldn't do at their time, at least on PC.
    Until there don't think devs will return soon to try again with this game, just hope this waste of potential could return somehow.

  • @HaruoPlayer1 No, we have to believe that the developers will come back......

  • F2P just doesn't fit this game and it shouldn't be forced into it just because F2P is a good and proven business model. If people really look at what they are getting for the one off max price of €30, it's honestly a good deal, especially in the unlikely event that the devs give it another go after they've done their more ambitious projects way down the line, which I believe is a distinct possibility and sincerely hope it happens.

    Seriously though, the fact the game is on Game Pass means Free To Play is never gonna happen and like I implied above, should never happen. That said it might be nice for an option to purchase a temporary Credit gain boost given how dire the grind is but I only say that because I'm trying to unlock everything and I don't get to play as often as I like.

    People need to stop asking for F2P and either get gamepass or pick up a physical copy for as little as $3 from the bargain bin.