• Is it possible to just have all rankings only take in to account the stats from solo matches? I personally feel the rankings mostly mean nothing due to a number of things but primarily how reliant most of the top 100 seems to be on stacks. To really see who is actually the higher ranked players in the game these people should be competing against each other, not alongside each other against the public, especially given the lacking matchmaking system.

    I also think that maybe there should be more aggressive rank decay at the higher ranks because we have played like Gunked comfortably holding 2 of the top 10 spots. That said, if rankings were solely based on players' solo matches then that problem might sort itself out, I don't know.

  • @b4nj4x7581 matchmaking isn't perfect but it isn't complete garbage. Today I did a fair amount of stacking and was queued against one four stack 3 times in a row and another twice in a row. Matchmaking tries to match 4 stacks but will give a 4 stack a match against solo queue players if there are no other stacks in the mix. This isn't NT's fault, this isn't the fault of 4 stacks, this is truly NO ONE'S fault. This is a simple reality that has to be accepted. If there is only one 4 stack queuing, solo queue'ers will HAVE to match against them. I explain this because this prevents a four stack to climb unimpeded while not punishing players who group up. Lesser of two evils.

    That being said I think the leaderboard should be ignored. Rank is determined by how often you 4 stack. When I solo queue I'm able to maintain a top 100 slot or drop into the top 120ish. This shouldn't be perceived as bragging because when I four stack I rapidly climb into the top 50 after a few games regardless of my performance. I am merely showing my difference in rank when I queue in different situations.

    It would be nice if the leaderboard had BOTH a leaderboard for groups and solo queue players. That is a argument I have seen many times before so I believe the community would appreciate being recognized for their ability to succeed in solo queue. I'm not sure how that would represent the individual player but I am interested to see where the community as a whole ranks against each other.

    Don't put too much effort into climbing the leaderboard if you aren't going to to 4 stack. 1st of all it's not worth the stress and 2nd of all you won't climb in a consistent pace if at all. One game you will have a team of competent players and the next you will be playing with fresh players using default builds. Four stacking is fun so please find a crew but don't think that leaderboard rank means anything.

    It doesn't.

    I love this game. Truly. I am looking forward to the future and I am optimistic. But the leaderboard sucks and casual players shouldn't give it any attention. Not saying you are a casual player but if you don't four stack you won't be able to climb the leaderboard let alone compete against the top players when they group.

  • @thetruepilliger I don't argue anything you're saying about the matchmaking. I just said it was lacking and you essentially explained why I said that.

    "when I four stack I rapidly climb into the top 50 after a few games regardless of my performance."
    That is a problem though and is the reason the current leaderboard is meaningless. Leaderboard is a feature I was truly excited about. It gives me drive, a drive I enjoy. Seeing my rank go up gives me a very satisfying feeling. This is why it matters for me and why I think it should matter to the game. It's a problem that the leaderboard seems to be more representative of who has a reliable and regular 4 stack as opposed to actual skill which in my opinion is really dumb. And I think it's wrong of you to merely dismiss the leaderboards as useless rather than something that's fundamentally broken and capable of being fixed. And as I said, I believe having it only consider solo matches would be a more accurate. Players are ordered individually and thus should be judged individually.

    Regardless, I do climb, quite effectively, when I solo and I put the time in. Time I want and expect to put in. I even win against 4-stacks every now and then.

  • @b4nj4x7581 Welp "fixing" them would have to differentiate between groups and solo queue. NT shouldn't exclude the players who mostly or exclusively play in groups. They should still be tracked but it would be nice if they were separated from solo queue. Which could raise some issues.

    I agree that there should be a separate leaderboard that doesn't represent stats collected from grouping but what does that mean? If a solo queue player is in a game with any players who are grouped is that game ignored because it has a mix of grouped and solo queue? Is every game counted toward rank but those stats are just represented on two leaderboards? For example if you get matched with three solo queue players against a 4 stack and you win, should BE track these records on two different leaderboards or ignore them completely because the match had a 4 stack play against solo queue players?

    If they tracked every game, regardless of the amount of solo queue or grouped players within it, and you spent a day playing against 4 stacks and losing you would watch your solo queue rank drop from playing against grouped teams. That doesn't accurately represent your solo queue skill because you are dropping in rank from grouped players.

    If they only tracked games when grouped players matched against each other and solo queue players matched against each other you could play for a long period of time without your rank moving. This is therozing that the two leaderboards would be exclusively solo queue while the other is any group size. If you had a gaming session and every match had at least one group BE would ignore the result and stats because it is theoretically an unbalanced match. How frustrating would it be to play for a few hours and watch the leaderboards stay frozen? How many players have to be grouped for their stats to be tracked on the group leaderboard?

    Regardless of how they would enact change there would be a whole new set of complaints and problems while still maintaining some of the current ones. Is it possible? Sure, no argument there. I imagine NT is considering how to adjust the current leaderboard before they start to apply any major changes. There was another thread that an NT dev commented on which to me is an indication that they are already looking into changes.

  • Well since your referencing me i might as well reply to this to help to shed some light on how climbing the leaderboard works for soloQ and what to expect.

    To begin SoloQ your limited 50-100 and if you go past 50 you could bounce out 15 spots with just one loss. But staying in top 50 means 1 of 3 things:

    1- Youre really really good and consistent, but only like 8 players are currently able to do this.
    2- You are quitting the game so you dont take losses against groups and go on an "artificial" win streak (99% of people do this and if you do it you should be banned)
    3- You are somehow avoiding backfills because they do affect your rank despite it not effecting your win rate.

    Now to address your comment on rank decay. There is rank decay and a lot of it already. if i dont play the game for 1 day then i drop roughly 4 spots regardless of a win (from ranked #1)). Another thing that makes you lose rank even if you win is if you dont actually win the game fast enough vs low ranked players.The next thing that causes a drop in rank is if the lobby never started. That counts as a quit and it drops your rank a 0.5 spots noramlly (So two of those in a row is a loss in rank). Finally, 1 real loss is normally 8-10 spots down

    I think what you actually want is to have live ranked decay. As of right now i dont have to play the game again and my account will stay at the same ranking unless someone passes me or someone drops below me. I too agree that live ranked decay should be a thing, that way you know if you should play a game or not to keep your ranked spot. However, that will not stop people from have 3+ accounts in top 10. Why? because they simply play more than you. They have enough time to play multiple games on multiple accounts.

    Now to answer the follow up question you have that might be... "Gunked how do you climb so fast with fresh accounts in order to have them at that ranked?"
    The simple answer is... dont lose. The top 7 people all play exclusively together because the skill gap is so large between them and everyone else. If any 4 of those 7 people play together then they wont lose to any group or combination of players that currently plays the game. For some reason that group is called "The Illuminati" which is a weird story and im not a fan of it.

    So if you wanna climb soloQ to the #1 spot just never lose

    Edit: Forgot to talk about your idea of soloQ leaderboard only. I also agree that if there was a ranked mode to queue into then it would have to be soloQ only. Anything more would be unfair. However this leaderboard isnt a traditional ranked leaderboard and it instead goes off "trueskill" so dont take it so serious

  • @Gunked Really appreciate the insight! Also sorry for calling you out sort of, I hope that's ok ^_^;