Community Missions Suggestion

  • So here's my idea that should help with the following things:

    - Bringing the playerbase together
    - Occasionally mitigate the grind for people who feel it's a bit much
    - Keep things interesting between updates
    - Provide/progress an on-going storyline

    We've seen different versions of these Community Missions before, but I feel we could get a story in the process. The idea is that for 5 days (Mon-Fri) midway between updates, there could be a situation happening involving the Bleeding Edge and it's up to us, the players, to determine the outcome by completing one specific thing. For example, deal 1million damage to damage class fighters or deliver 500,000 power cells. Succeed or fail, we get a small audio message from Daemon or whoever else inform the Bleeding Edge of what happened. Said result will effect what happens next and so on.

    Now the fun part, if we succeed in these goals as a community and active playerbase, we get double rewards for the following Saturday and Sunday. And I mean everything, Exp, Credits and Mod parts, regardless of where we earn them, be it daily quests, completion bonus or even recycling mods. I feel all that should be good enough incentive for people to play.

    However, if we fail...we could have certain maps or fighters be temporarily disabled for like a week or something. Maybe because we fail, our boi Makutu ends up getting severely injured and needs to rest. Maybe Gizmo gets kidnapped/arrested by the authorities.

    This is something I would really love to see, although personally I'd like the idea more if the failures last til the next mission since that could be a direct story reason for taking part. I can imagine looking forward to it each month or so, especially if I'm like "WE GOTTA SAVE GIZMO!"

    What do ye think?

  • @b4nj4x7581

    Solid ideas. +1

  • @b4nj4x7581 A very cool idea. Or Gizmo gets kidnapped and we can't use she until the goal is complete.
    And I would suggest a PvE story mod on existing maps where a 4 players team fight against waves of AI enemies while holding objects. The dojo AI is fine for this. For example, "Сorporation has kidnapped Gizmo", we must complete goals on the Factory map, fighting against the Corporation's ranged and melee fighters.