Completely wrong healer nerfs

  • I must say I’m very disappointed in and appalled by whoever makes balancing decisions for this game, especially on something so insanely obvious

    Rather than actually addressing the problem, which is that multiple healer comps do too much HEALING, they instead decide to lower supports’ damage like that’s somehow supposed to fix the issue. The two minor nerfs to healing don’t even come close to being sufficient

    These balance changes did basically nothing, in fact i would argue it’s gotten worse because the new hero is a healer so now i am seeing double healer almost every single game. And since the nerfs had close to zero effect on the survivability of this comp now we have to constantly deal with this annoying bullshit.

    I understand this is NT’s first multiplayer game, but did you guys hire any people with experience in balancing pvp? Even an average gamer who is not very good or experienced would be able to tell this is clearly op, yet the people who make the game refuse to make it right.

    And if I’m wrong then the developers should prove it. Show us all the stats for the different comps, the winrates and pickrates and k/d ratios. Show us whether or not teams that switch to double healer in the middle of a game suddenly start doing way better (hint: they do).

    One more thing I’d like to point out, is that even in games where double healer loses, they very likely did much better than they would have otherwise. So a team that should have gotten destroyed might end up only losing by a little simply due to this bullshit comp. That matters too, and it does not show up in the win/loss column.

    The people in charge of balancing this game are failing at it, and the worst part is how simple the solution is. They could fix this problem in a day or two tops with some light testing and it would be done.

  • But... why doesn’t your own team play double healer as well?

  • I disagree and think the healer nerfs are largely pretty good. Miko was definitely overkill but Kulev and Zerocool are better for it and the quality of the games have improved IMO.

    Firstly, both Miko and Zerocool did get pretty significant healing nerfs. You can now damage through Zerocool's beam pretty easily and the game is no longer reliant on who can pick off the Zerocool first in mirror comps which I think improves the overall quality of games. Miko's reduced self healing makes it pretty difficult to sustain herself now, especially with such a low health pool. She essentially used to act as a tank so her play style will definitely have to change.

    I think the idea behind giving all 3 support characters a damage nerf was so you'd feel the lack of damage if you did decide to go double support.

    Kulev and Zerocool definitely needed the damage nerf. Kulev could easily output the most damage in any team composition, even without damage mods. Zerocool had the potential to 1v1 a lot of characters which was a bit much on top of the fact he had by far the best healing output.

    Double support comps are still a thing, especially with the new character being a support, but they aren't as effective as they were before because they lack the sustainability and added damage bonus they once had.

  • The fact of the matter is nerfing the supports dps is the only logical way to weaken double support.

    Let's just say NT did the opposite. Now every support heals less while still having decent damage output. Instead of needing double support you have made it the only viable way to heal. Either go double support or no supports at all.

    By nerfing their dps you are making it easier for a single support team comp to survive in a long team fight as well as lower the potential of the double support team comp to burst down a member of your team.

    My suggestion is choose heroes who are good counters to the supports you are up against. If there is a Zerocool, use dive heroes: Daemon, Cass, El Bastardo. You can also shoot him with Gizmo to prevent his passive healing. If Miko is the problem try ranged: Gizmo especially but Maeve and Mekko can eventually kill her. If you are a confident melee player than force her to duel you which will prevent her from peeling for her allies. Kulev is a bit tricky but for the most part if you pressure him when he doesn't have his shield to protect himself you should be successful. Azrael is too new for me to judge but I'd say he suffers against ranged dps.

    Hope this helps.

  • @thetruepilliger Actually you are wrong. You think the only option is to nerf damage or healing all the time which is incorrect. They simply needed to implement my suggestion of diminishing returns

    So the more healers you have the less healing they each do. 2 healers at 60-70% and 3 healers at 40/50% problem solved. This way 1 healer becomes the best option because that healer will still do full healing output.

  • @ShadoWawker I'm sorry. But what you are suggesting is favoritism. Healing only weakens when certain comps are used? Does this effect Makutu? He regularly gets the most healing. Now if he has a support on his team does he heal less? Same goes for BC, Nidhoggr, Maeve, Daemon (when he brings his heal on hit mod), Mekko, Cass (when she brings her heal during Dive Bomb mod).

    Honestly think about what you have suggested, actually look into it. You've only opened the door to more obscure balancing. Does the dps of a team go down if there are two or more damage roles on the team? By your proposed plan that would be on the table. Would a team with multiple tanks take bonus damage? By your proposed plan that would be on the table.

    These healing nerfs were the best option, by far. Miko had WAY too much self sustain that now you actually have to play smart in order to survive, win duels. Kulev has incredibly low healing per second that it wasn't touched but he still got a nerf, a tiny one. ZeroCool was capable of making an ally immortal even when his healing was at its lowest so now it actually feels like you need to manage your recharge bar. Azrael, like Kulev, has incredibly low healing per second unless you build right and maintain double digit stacks of Soul Eater.

    I'm sorry but your proposed "diminishing returns" is a nightmare to balance and to play with.