ZeroCool's real name

  • It doesn't take a lot of scrolling to find people criticizing something about this character, but one thing I couldn't ignore is his real name... Musaazi Zelev??

    That sounds like the furthest thing from a Brazilian name as you could get, and you don't have to be Brazilian to know this. Try something like Pedro da Silva or explore the most popular names you'd find in Brazil and choose from there.

    Also, small thing but, it would be interesting if he was from anywhere but Rio as that is pretty much the only place in Brazil most non-Brazilians have ever heard of.

  • I understand the importance of cultural representation in video games but I'm surprised this particular thing gets as much criticism as it does. You're not the first and wont be the last to mention this. Yes, in his Fighter Profile it states that his birthplace is in Brazil. Yes, his name isn't typical of Brazilian culture. But who says he is inherently Brazilian? His family could be of different ethnicity for example. Just because someone is born in Brazil doesn't automatically mean they are born into Brazilian culture. I'm sure you can think of examples of people you know in real life whose birthplace has little correlation to their name, it's not that uncommon. Perhaps the lore behind this might be explained in the future - perhaps we'll get a Zerocool animated short one day like we have with a handful of the other characters 🙂

  • Yeah, NT have made some interesting choices when it comes to sticking details that accurately represents the culture of a character's background. Might be NT hinting that these people are more multi-cultured than we would assume or something. Either way, it's nothing worth fretting over. Although I still really want to know why they used German to name Maeve's passive xD Then again I suppose it is probably easier to read than "Áthas Mailíseach"...maybe...kinda...

  • From what I can tell by his name, Musaazi is Ugandan and Zelev is inherently Bulgarian. Basically your boys family is not from Brazil. He was born there. Might be a bit of a killjoy if you were hoping for a lineage from Brazil but alas video games.

  • His name is not Brazilian enough; make it more Brazilian, and his birthplace is too Brazilian; make it less Brazilian.
    NT's chances for winning: none