Looking for a group!

  • Hey gamers, I just wanted to know if anyone is interested in building a strong and solid team together.

    If you've been playing the game solo que I'm sure you'd know about the struggles of going against another team who are all on coms while you're left with teammates who've just started playing the game or quit after one defeat; this is my experience at least. But in all honesty I'm not looking to play "competitively", but I do want to stop losing and start winning because of matchmaking.

    All I'm interested in is starting a group where I know we've got each other's backs. So if you too are a solo que player and are interested in helping me make a group, just let me know 😄

    Extra information!

    (Win Rate: 52%)
    *Not ashamed of my win rate but I am also not proud of it. Working in getting it up, it'll be easier to get it up with a coordinated group 😄

    (Main: Level 30 Miko)
    *I'm proud to say I have a 60% win rate as Miko.
    While that might not sound impressive I did work hard to get that win rate up and I'll continue breaking my back in games to get her to a higher win rate.
    I can dish out damage and support my allies evenly as long as we all fight together.

    Discord is what I'm planning to talk on, my username is "boopbapboop#1200" let me know that you are interested and I'm from the US before anyone ask. Let me know about what your strengths are when you message, if you're interested.

  • 60% winrate with a character is VERY impressive 🙂 . Also I'm down to play. I've been in solo queues also. I'm Ziggy#7941

  • Based in Europe by any chance?

  • @Surrtan I'm in the US, sorry : (