Where is the content?

  • This game is really fun, like, REALLY fun. I love the gameplay and how unique all the characters are, in design and gameplay. But it's just weird and disappointing how much lack of content this game have. For this I can't help not comparing this game to Overwatch or Paladins, because they make part of the same genre, even though the gameplay is completely different, so I apologize already.
    First of all this game only have 2 modes, Capture Objective and Power Collection, but in my opinion that is the minor problem, even though it's REALLY bad a game like this don't have a Deathmatch mode. Overwatch for example only had, I think, 3 modes when it launch. For me the biggest problem, for now is that still the lack of Characters, Customization and don't have Ranked Matches. We only have 12 characters, each one with only 2 skins, that are only recolors, except for Nidhoggr, Buttercup and Zero Cool; we have, I think, 4 emotes for each character; hoverboards and only that. Overwatch had Rare Skins, Epic Skins, Legendary Skins, a lot of Emotes, Sprays, Ranked Matches and, I think, 21 characters just in launch; and still have content till this day.
    Like, Bleeding Edge is fun but I don't think this is enough. It needs a lot more content and reasons to play it, to make the player wants to play more and don't get repetitive too fast, need a reason to continue to play. This game just feel imcomplete
    In my opinion, they should focus on adding more Cosmetics, especially skins, Ranked Matches and, maybe, new modes, focusing on Deathmatch. New characters, they should add naturally as the time passes, but I think they should work on the things I said fast as they can and then work on other things.

  • @Espectador8594

    We have a new patch coming out this week with a brand new map and various skins for each fighter.

    Not to mention we've got plenty of content we're currently working on, we'll be releasing a community update with more information soon!

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