• We need daily, weekly and monthly challanges asap.

    We need something that will keep us playing.

    For example:

    Daily challange - win 5 games to recive some money

    Weekly challange - heal 200k, win 50 games to recive holiday skin (you can get this only by completing this challange)

    Monthly challange - win 250 games, get 100 kills with every champ to recive holiday pack (skins, board etc.)

    It shouldnt be problem to implement it.

    I really like this game but to be honest, after few games i turn it off because i feel like im playing for nothing.

    Sorry for bad english, hope that everyone will understand 😅

  • @ShootaStyle

    Thank you for the interesting post with some cool ideas!

    alt text

  • It would be nice to have some kind of daily reward as well. You know, the kind that rewards more for every day you log in constantly.