would this game benefit from lobbies?

  • I think this game would benefit from having lobbies. Not private lobbies, but a lobby that keeps all players together as long as they don't back out like how call of duty or halo would do TDM.

    With how this game is, you can either get a group of players who won't play the objective or they will. I think it might be easier to have a better experience with lobbies because you wouldn't have a new set of players every time a match was over.

  • @Cuatro116 I think it's to late for that. It would work they overhaul the game and release it but as rigth now meh

  • @Cuatro116

    Thanks for posting this suggestion, I've moved it to feedback so we can keep track of it.

    We always like to hear what players have to say about Bleeding Edge!

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