How to fix Maeve and Buttercup

  • So as a lot of you people have noticed by now, buttercup and maeve are the most annoying characters to play against right now, because they have so many abilities put into their kit which require little to no amount of skill to get value from. The fact that the game counts maeve as an "advanced" character, is a joke!! On my first game with her, I completely wiped the floor with the enemies, which means she is so easy to play compared to how powerful she is. And don't even get me started about buttercup...

    So how we fix that?

    First of all, maeve. The cage and siphon combo is too easy to pull off, and even if the victim manages to escape, the siphon won't stop until you waste all of your mobility, or have some kind of cc. I mean, jeez !! Even the last hit in melee combos which kicks the enemy, won't stop the siphon. There are a few solutions for this: Either reduce the range of siphon so you don't need to reach the other end of the map to stop it, or make the cage cripple her other abilities, so it will be more like some sort of ability which is useful in team fight, and if you use it wrong, you will be punished... Because if the enemy escapes, you can't use any other abilities and will be vulnerable to them... The biggest problem with this character, is that you don't get punished for playing brain dead! And also, make the siphon stop if she gets hit by the last melee combo hit. She should not be able to completely shut down melee characters.
    And then there is SCHADENFREUDE (which I just copied from her info page cause I can't be bothered to memorize it). Dude, who thought this is a good idea? I mean, even if it doesn't reset the cool downs, it has 2 mods which can give 15% ult charge and 2% damage buff which stacks up to 10 times !! I think it should reduce the cool downs by half.

    About buttercup, the biggest problem is with her oil slick. Why the effect still remains after you exit it for so long ? With the mod which gives it extra slow, you are officially immobilized for so long. The right solution for this, is to make the oil slick only affect enemies who are in it. The fact that you have to use 1 stamina bar to get out of it, is enough to make it viable. The other thing, is her launch. Not enough people are talking about this, but it's basically Makutu's charge with no cool down ! You can use it to get out, to get the enemies off your healers, to chase an enemy, it's just too much for an ability with no cool down. In conclusion, she excels at displacing enemies. So if you wanna keep it that way, at least give her less damage and less mobility ! The fact that she can have extra 40% speed boost plus some healing while using it, is just insane. Therefor, I think a little bit of dps nerf and a little bit of speed boost nerf is required.

  • Maeve is fine, shes really easy to force vanish, and then she can easily be run down and finished. She is punished if she cages the wrong target, just siphon is a lil strong, but can be denied by CC or breaking LoS, or stealthing.

    Buttercup however is very overloaded and needs heavy nerfs, I'm still surprised she got through internal testing as she is, let alone going live and staying this absurd since her release.

  • The thing you have to remember with Maeve is she has really low health and bad mobility. She's not that great one on one against the majority of the characters. You'll never contest an area objective against the likes of Kulev or Miko. If you have a decent team that know their roles and you have decent footsies then shes deadly. If you have a team of randoms then shes a huge target who has the potential to die in about three seconds.

    Buttercup, Yeah a little too strong with really useful tools.

  • Actually, I didn't say Maeve is overpowered. She is just too annoying and not fun to play against! And also, you don't get punished enough if you play poorly with her... The value you can get out of her compared to how much skill it needs, is simply not fair.

  • Even the last hit in melee combos which kicks the enemy, won't stop the siphon
    Exactly this is bullshit. I also mention it. Its like she have armor like El Bastardo and this should definitely not be so fix it.

    I also agree with oil slick.

    DId not play the game since over a week because i have no fun with this unbalanced game and the lag is the main factor who kills it for me.

  • So there are many ways they could fix buttercup. Thats not a problem. But with meave it is a little more complicated.
    First of all the issue that she is to strong is just a one side. The other more serious, is that she is too simple to use.
    Step 1: cast cage
    Step 2: cast siphon ASAP
    Step 3: repeat step 1 & 2
    Step 4: in case of danger go invisible and run.

    It litteraly does not include anything else (what isnt already included in base game mechanics like traversing or stamina management)

    There is NOTHING more than that. Even the vanish escape mechanics is so relieable that it doesnt take any skill or preparation to be used more effectively.


    "Tap 1, 2, 3"

    I think developers should take a closer look at her design.

  • If anything cage and siphon could use slightly longer cooldowns, besides that though Maeve is fine, just need to learn how to deal with her.