I'm trying to have fun..

  • It's a fun game and concept but the constant input lag makes the parry system impossible, lock on is only reliable some of the time, and characters with dash/barge attacks will miss or go completely the wrong direction most of the time. Leaving me to resort to playing either El Bastardo or Miko most of the time cause I don't have friends with Xbox so I'm playing with a bunch of randos who don't seem to get it's a team based game. It just sucks cause I was excited for this game but it's not really a good multiplayer experience...

  • @FunnyFarmFelix

    The complaints about the lag have been pretty frequent lately but to be fair I’m pretty sure it’s a relatively universal problem depending on your ISP. With all the virus shit going on I actually have a better connection on BE than most other online game on my Xbox. I think the developers have a decent amount of work to do if they want people to be playing this game for longer than the next month or two but it has an incredible amount of potential so I hope they do have the resources to put the work in. That being said it’s an incredibly inconvenient time for any game developer to be working and it’s unfair to compare them to studio like Infinity Ward that have stacks and can still manage to pump put update during these times. Though that’s a game I find unplayable lately because the Call of Duty servers have far worse latency issues than Bleeding Edge in my experience. The important thing in my opinion is that if you think the game is fun you should keep trying to play because whatever complaints you may find yourself having it’s definitely worth playing and there’s few games I’ve had as much fun grouping up and rolling on enemy teams in. If you need a team feel free to add me and we can play whenever.

  • @FunnyFarmFelix @D4rkPassenger46

    Thanks for your posts regarding this issue, we are constantly making improvements and optimisations with every patch and investigate every player report, we have another patch on the way which we hope will continue to improve your experience with Bleeding Edge.

    As mentioned in @D4rkPassenger46 post above, your personal connection is just as important as any optimisations we can make, ensure you're using a wired connection if possible and your console has an OPEN NAT. If you're on a PC then ensure your connection to Xbox live gaming services is strong.

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