New mode: Boss Battle/Raids

  • In this mode will be PVE. Players will have to work together and kill the boss. Players have to journey on a map together and kill enemies. There will be waves of enemies until you finally reach the boss. The boss will drop points or some in currency when the player can use to buy rare/exclusive content. The content can be cosmetics and emotes and can only be achieve through boss battles.

  • @MadMuffin8263 Definitely not. This game is pvp only, it should remain that way and it will remain that way.

  • @ShadoWawker Who said i am changing the game to from PvP. This idea is give a little spice the game. This could be a special event to players once every year or twice every six months. Everyone who picked up this game wants to beat the shit out each other, that is not the problem. The problem which could and most likely will happen is players will get bored and want something to grab their attention. This could grab players attention and keep them interested in the game. All Bleeding Edge fans want the game to success. Be a bit more positive and constructive and continue to queue up from game, bro.

  • @MadMuffin8263 Just because i disagree with you doesn’t automatically mean im not positive or constructive you understand that right?

    You suggested an idea and my opinion of that idea is that it’s not good and wouldn’t fit into this game at all.

    They can do new things and keep it interesting without changing the essence of the game which is pvp. I would be absolutely shocked if they added a pve mode it just doesn’t make sense in a game like this

    I would argue that you’re actually the one being non constructive because you are asking for something that is so far outside the confines of what they have created

    It’s like some others who want there to be a moba type mode which would also not work at all

    Asking them to add ctf or plant the bomb or some other pvp objective based mode would be constructive and realistic based on the framework they have in place. What you asked for is never going to happen