Mekko on Xbox

  • When will Mekko be added to Xbox?

  • @iNN8k same time it gets added to pc

  • That`s iNcorrect, there are gameplay videos out of Mekko already. @D4m0R3d

  • @iNN8k Those are beta pro gameplays and devs gameplays.

  • The question still stands: When will Mekko be added to Xbox? @Votre-Daron

  • @iNN8k said in Mekko on Xbox:

    The question still stands: When will Mekko be added to Xbox? @Votre-Daron

    As does the answer you received: when Mekko comes to PC, which is currently unknown. The official answer given by the devs is the game's "launch window", which can be whatever they want it to be in an industry full of obfuscation. Not helping is the devs working from home due to Covid-19. I'd be worried about any game's content coming out on time tbh. ^^

  • 🍪? Question still remaiNs unanswered.

  • @iNN8k We know but our only answer is patience.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yea, I know it’s like beating a dead horse and all... but seeing as we’ve been told by the actual team that he will be available “at launch” (insert funny glance at watch gif) which I realize is a pretty vague statement apparently but also a BS one if there were no intentions on putting out further status updates to clarify seeing as the character is still NOT here, and the game has been officially out for some time now and generally one would interpret “at launch” as THE DAY THE F@#%ING GAME COMES OUT... where the f@#% is Mekko?!!!*** (Insert cute “have a nice day” gif) 🙂

  • Yet an admiN/moder8or took down my most recent reply to @Votre Daron & all I said was "No u". Hmm... @f-i-x-e-r-1138 ... Nonetheless thank you for your added feedback.

  • I surely thought today`s upd8 was the addition of Mekko... 😭

  • @iNN8k tomorrow

  • I know I was on when the Fighters started textiNg about it! xD Thank you. @No-TAG-Raziel

  • Wow,
    Mekko is out and "he" is the $#!t.
    Feels like no other character.
    Much more complicated than... anyone!
    Fantastic job with him!
    I mean, maybe the time would tell about balance issues. But thats not so importent.
    The importent stuff is that this char feels so fresh!
    Keep up the good work on designing other characters!