Art Direction and Character Design

  • Its been awhile since I've been so captivated by the character design and the art direction of a world and Ninja Theory being no strangers to bringing weird, wild, bold and memorable worlds to the forefront of their creations. I love how each character not only follows the rules of form and function, but are just as fun to look at as they are to play and witness.

    I was wondering if anyone knows who the artist(s) and art director responsible for handling Bleeding Edge's design and character art or if Ninja Theory can just chime in with who makes such a beautiful world I'd be very appreciative.

    ALSO on a side note is a soundtrack ever going to be released?

    Again thank you for all your hard work Ninja Theory ❤

  • @Paveldraws

    Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback, the positive reaction we've had from the community has been overwhelming.

    You can check out the credits via the options menu in game to see the various team members responsible bring our game to life.

    alt text