General combat issues

  • After playing for a couple hours I have noticed some potential Issues preventing The games combat from feeling fair and balanced.
    I understand the importance of grouping up but there seems to be very few options on how to handle multiple enemies at once if you don''t have teammates with you. Characters should have better tools to be able to handle outnumbered situations. It seems that the parry mechanic in theory is great 1v1 but if you try to parry when outnumbered it usually results in getting slapped around nice and good. Maybe adding some type of block mechanic or adding a few frames worth of armor to the character after a successful parry would help make the combat more balanced . Wanted to see what other peoples takes are on the matter.

  • @MuphKnuckles

    Thanks for sending us your feedback!

    The parry mechanic is fairly new as it was only added during the beta, we will continue to make improvements to the in game mechanics where we feel it's necessary.

    Player feedback is essential to helping us understand your experience with Bleeding Edge!

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