Trails Should be Available to All Characters

  • I understand that several characters can’t equip boards because of aesthetic purposes, but imo they should still be able to use trails. I’ve been playing Maeve a lot lately and I love her, but because she doesn’t have a board, there’s not much I can spend my credits on for her and a lot of the trails look really nice. Obviously this should apply to other characters, like Buttercup and ZeroCool, the only character who might look weird with it is Cass, but even then I’d be down for her leaving a trail of hearts from her butt lol. What is everyone else’s thoughts?

  • @PreGum i would absolutely love that! It would be a perfect way to add some more customization to some characters. Not only should that be very easily accomplished by the developers would it be a great way to show that they are listening to their customers and working to improve the game! Let's keep this floating around, who knows maybe they'll see it?

  • @PreGum

    Thanks for the feedback!

    We know players want all the shiny things for all the characters all the time 😄

    It's good to read your thoughts on new ideas so please keep discussing them!

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