Siphon Life is a problem

  • I'm not one to call for nerfs this early in a game's life, but I think Maeve's Siphon Life ability needs to be reconsidered. Most people will tell you they want this game's skill ceiling to increase, and this ability is an example of the opposite effect.

    Simply put, it does too much guaranteed damage at too low a cooldown. The fact that it tracks the target and can't be mitigated except by getting out of range (something Maeves want you to waste your time doing) is what makes it a cheap skill IMO.

    No other special ability does this much damage with so little effort. The only comparable skills are ultimates, and even they have drawbacks when used.

    My suggestion to NT is that this be turned into a beam that has to be aimed laterally (similar to Sirius' utlimate in Battlerite) or that she be immobile during its cast. Remove vertical cast so she has to be on the same level as the target. Camera motion during the skill should be slowed somewhat. The cooldown can use a few seconds as well, although that is kinda moot with Schadenfreude.

    This makes it more challenging for Maeves to get Cage into Siphon Life kills without touching its range or damage. They'll need to think about positioning more and not just spam Cages everywhere for guaranteed kills.

    Maeve mains out there, be honest about the exceeding ease with which this special ability causes damage. For the game's sake, please.

  • @Sol-Aethiops Personally I think one of the things this ability does not need is the super armor. Making it cancelled with the regular hit-stun should be a fair trade with all the value it already gives (since it's a ranged, high damage, health restoring beam with auto-tracking). The inability to get knocked out of it without an actual stunning ability is where the skill goes a bit overboard in my opinion.

  • @Sol-Aethiops And if she uses her cage it's instant death of you're not a tank/miko or daemon. And even they struggle with it.