my opinions of the game and how to better it.

  • first thing want to clarify is i thoroughly enjoy the game. i will talk about personal mechanics game environment and character changes id recommend.

    1. giving louder audio ques for the trains on the track on objective points.
    2. removal of the nuclear misses.
    3. change zero cool wall to stop enemy range basic attacks. impossible for him to peel for him self if they can shoot through the wall.
    4. the games general lag needs to be fixed. i will be fighting people and they will teleport constantly or i will kill them on my screen and it rubber bands back. (can confirm its not just my bad internet)
    5. I want to feel more consistency with auto attack evades. when daemon hits me i cant evade his auto attack chain, however when miko hits me i can evade out.
    6. i feel the game has a to much of a tank meta. seems the best teams i play with and against run two healers always kulev and then random other one. Then a tank and gizmo. its very aggravating as dps when everybody is so tanky then and i cant kill them because of the healing and cc.
    7. i personally dislike that there is no escape and its practically impossible to avoid bird cages from maeve.
    8. in the power cell game mode id recommend making the game longer and making the cells worth 2 or 3 points. most of my games just turn into a team fight for 10 mins and then somebody turns in 20 cells and that is the game.
    9. please consider adding a surrender button. i can tell when my comp is bad. let me out of the game.

  • i forgot to add fix the pinging system on xbox. its very hard to ping specific things and also having to hold the ping button and hit the button for a command is very awkward.

  • I disagree with zero cool's wall preventing ranged attacks. It's already a powerful tool to block melee attacks/characters, separate teams, and block/ensure escapes. Meanwhile, ranged attacks allow for some form of counter play and that should be taken into consideration instead of ignoring all those aspects before trying to stacking too much power on one character in order to allow them to peel for himself in a team game.

    Additionally, I disagree with the "tank" meta as it's less about people being beefy and more about minimal options for healing reduction. However, that is already being addressed through the newest character who has an AoE reduce healing, plus Buttercup will be getting a mod that allows her oil slick to cause healing reduction too. Unfortunately, I see three instances commonly occur: 1 - people spread out DPS too thin, allowing for easy heals, 2 - people don't pressure healers and switch when necessary, allowing for easy heals/CC, and 3 - People fight on top of Kulev's healing totem without bothering to move or destroy it, allowing for easy heals.

    Furthermore, they actually increased the pacing of the power cell mode, so you probably won't see games take longer and I disagree with the removal of the missiles in the map as it adds interesting play to have to avoid it and/or utilize it, such as, when I play Buttercup and can pull people into it or funnel people into a certain direction out of fear of it. Finally, I can understand the desire for a surrender button and I don't mind having one, but if they do -- you might just end up complaining that your team doesn't surrender.

  • Gizmo's range needs to be nerfed but her bounce pad is broken, it places where gizmo is facing rather than where the player is facing. this makes it where if you're being combo'd its nearly impossible to place it correctly.

    another balance suggestion is for makutu, its very hard to escape a combo as he has no way to shift away or to parry, only if you have his e up which has a big cooldown of 11 secs. this cooldown time needs to be reduced to be a viable tank that doesnt constantly need healing.

    please have a surrender button after a certain amount of time. its easy to see when a game cant be turned around.

    zero cool needs to heal less, he can heal faster than multiple people can hurt one of his team mates.

  • This game need a classical MOBA mode like Smite.
    Towers, Lane and Nexus

  • @tmj-aliado i disagree this game cant compete with smite or league. they should not take the same path.

  • @look-joey the pinging system on PC is extremely awkward as well