Horrible Players Are Gonna Kill This Game

  • This game is terrible for anyone that is looking to play a fun, competitive online game.

    The players don't bother doing basic things like teaming up, healing, or using the communications wheel to direct others.

    I certainly won't be playing this game for long if the developers don't implement some sort of mechanic to improve matchmaking.

  • @Herbclouds I've said it before. No problem, I stopped playing Apex for the same reason. All current games are broken to include this bunch of people who don't even know how to hold the controller and will only play the game for two weeks.

  • @Herbclouds

    comp is coming. in the meantime learn to not take the game so serious.

  • @D4m0R3d it’s just annoying to play with people like that

  • When you find good players, add them to your friends and play together. When you get a game with a bunch of bad players, play a character you normally don't, just for fun 🙂

  • I wholeheartedly agree. Every game I've played so far has no semblance of team work or objective play and it's just ganging up on whoever is furthest away from their team. At least in Overwatch most pubbies know their role and that's because the game has longevity and people learned. This is DOA if they don't figure a way to encourage team play and coordination. I'd be upset if I didn't get this through Game Pass. I don't have 30 bucks to spend on something that's frustrating from the jump.

  • @jpGhost2342

    are you sure its just not you being bad?

    in my games about 75% of the time i get a team that works as a team. and 25% of the time 3 of 4 players work as a team and we will probs have one idiot.

    do you have a mic?

    "At least in Overwatch most pubbies know their role and that's because the game has longevity and people learned"

    then like you said here. just give the game some time for players to learn

  • @Herbclouds ok ive seen this complaint alot, and ive was the same. until i said wait i could make friends online that have mics. friended them squaded up...problem solved.

    so i would say thats on u n the community. its people out there that have mics n play as a team. when u play with one add them. keep doing that until u have a squad. just a tip

  • I think adding a player commendation system. Where your teammates can reward you for doing your role at the end of the match and after so many you should get exclusive skins to show you're a good teammate and know how to play

  • @Herbclouds Some newbies are funny. I told Daemon you need to fight to win the match and he entered two battles 1 VS 4 after he died he went back to making goals. After that, there was no use asking for help from the Daemon. We narrowly won after that I took my stress meds.