Do you guys know the Cass RMB+Q flip att?

  • I can only do it in the 0cd practice arena. I wonder how this trick works correctly. Can someone tell me?
    Use LMB to shifting and end with Q. Some time Cass will do a forward somersault in the air and move more distance. but it is an occasionally trigger thing.

    So can any Official player tell me how to 100% trigger it?

  • So I'm a little confused by your explanation, but are you talking about when you extend the range of her Swoop by using her ranged basic attack? Yeah you just Jump->Swoop->Basic Attack before it ends. You have to be midair for it work.

  • Nah I think he's talking about how Cass' Q behaves differently when preceeded by max speed run (or at least, I think it's max speed). Instead of her regular first attack, she does a short flip forward to start the chain. I'll test it out soon, but I think it depends on your run time or speed before the attack.

    Update: So yeah... it's based on speed and distance. You need to be at max running speed and be about 3 meters from the target (the radius of the inner circle of the Dojo is the best measurement I could make). It's not something I use in games intentionally since I would never lead into an attack by running.

  • @Sol-Aethiops sometime I can use it even when I am standstill. I think is not about speed. Feel so weird about this trigger condition. The extra distance is good when I want to flank some half health DPS or Healer.

  • @MrLonely233

    Interesting. I haven't been able to pull it off any other way than I described. I thought it might have been a dash attack similar to Daemon's, but no cigar. If you find out, do let us know.