More skill based fighting

  • I like this game, the characters the music the art style it's just great. The actual gameplay on the other hand is iffy, i can have a good time or a bad one. We need changes that make the combat feel more skill based. Be able to beat one guy with a sliver of health just because you're better than him. Does anyone else know what I mean? I can't be the only one.

  • @Misfit1647
    This game heavily focuses on teamplay, your skill is teamplay. So how would they increase or have more skill based fighting.

  • @Misfit1647

    you can already do this. do you know what parrying and get up attacks are. play the tutorials. also just gotta learn your ability combos

  • The game is heavily based around using the right thing at right time, instead of just git gud at aiming, which is really refreshing. Because gaming industry is f**king bloated with FPS. And I'm pretty sure in the near future, there will be even more skill required in the game, with new maps and fighters and game modes and mods.
    Let's take a look at evading. The action takes 1 button to perform, and has a singular function. Yet, you can use it to escape out of combos, escape from enemies, chasing enemies, Dodge out of some abilities(Like maeve's cage), using it before certain actions to boost em (Like evading into gizmo's bouncer to jump to the other end of the world), so using it requires strategic thinking. And if you run out of stamina in a crucial moment, you're just boned. In this game, most of the time when I die, I know it's my fault because I didn't stay with my team or use my abilities correctly. In contrast to many other games which when I die in there, a lot of the time it's because the game is stupid !! Because some characters are hard counters to me and regardless of my skill, I can not do anything about it. Such a thing does not exist in BE. There are counters, but there are also ways to play around them which requires SKILL.
    Yet, it may not seem that skillful, given the fact that the game doesn't require aiming. But believe me, it's a lot deeper than that.

  • @Votre-Daron like makutu, add an uppercut so we can actually use our air moves. And make parry Better

  • @D4m0R3d Parry needs more work, get up attack account for nothing really. What I was hoping they'd add was an uppercut to all the fighters so we can combo better

  • @Omid-RG I get all that, what you are talking about and what the devs thought of was a more LoL type of game/moba. But what I mean is a better Parry so you can actually beat someone without them touching you (in a sense) and more moves to combo, like makutu. He can finish his regular combo and push the enemy back or he can do the strong uppercut and do one of the two airiels.

  • While you are pointing out all the uses for the evade feature, there are some things it can not replace. It is impossible to juke anything in this game. Everything is guaranteed to hit, if not dodged or parried. That becomes very frustrating when getting focused by more than one enemy and you are running out of dodges. All you can do is wait for your team to help you somehow, but you are guarenteed to take every hit no matter how you move, which reduces one of the biggest skill factors for almost every character based game to very basic avoiding of obvious AOEs.
    Which leads to the next big problem. Parrying anything is extremely difficult, because of latency issues and sometimes fps drops. Fixing this would already add a lot to the game and is obviously a planned feature for the game. At the moment it does not feel like a good option in the majority of situations. Adding some Mods to allow for special counter attacks or maybe super charge would make it more appealing, too.
    Adding some sort of individual skill would keep the game interesting for much longer, no matter in which form that happens.

  • @Misfit1647 Makutu has these kind of follow up combos cause he doesn't do a lot of damage, imagine being stuck in a nid or daemon combo.

  • In fact the combat is much more advanced than most of the people think. The essential parry mechanics is overlooked for beginngera becouse it is rather unforgiving and people just spam evade like theres no tommorow. But parry is first of all free, you can parry every hit during a combo and it gives you an opening to combo your opponent.
    If we go a step further there are also combo cancels and hit delay mechanics. They let you let you extend your combos and counter parries. There are also jump attacks (2 kinds in fact) wich should also be utilized to mix up your combat style. And afcourse there is traversing (fantastic!) Wich makes combat even more exciting.

    I understand that game is young and there are way to few places where you can learn something new. Now most of the players just spam basic hit to full combo and spam evade when they can. I hope we will soon see some advanced techniques being used by most of the players.