I get kicked out of the match for no reason !

  • I love how there is no middle ground with the servers. They either work beautifully, or I get disconnected 10 seconds after joining the match for no reason ! And it happens 10 times in a row. Does anybody else has this issue ?

  • I can't even get in a match. Searching for 7 mins and nothing, also I tried 3 times and it is the same.
    I have 50 mbps, less than 60 ping and I can play every other game. I am so f.... disapointed of this

  • @Omid-RG I have never gotten kicked out of a game once during both betas or since the game launched

    Although my issues are that people in my games still lag/pop around really badly and also the framerate is insanely low. Constant dips and stutters and sometimes it even freezes for a second

  • Yeah OMIG RG, exactly the same for me. Either I get in a game and it works great whole way through, or I get booted from a match before it starts. Frustrating when you're getting booted more than games working.

  • @Omid-RG

    i havent had this issue yet on live, but it was happening to me alot last beta, even though they said they fixed it. in fact it only started happening to me after they said they fixed it.

    @IxIThe-Robin have you made a post in the support forum