More achievements?... Pretty please👏

  • Good day, everyone!

    I just stumbled upon a list of achievements that gonna be added to the game at a release date and, to be honest, got a little disappointed to see that there are only 10 and all of them are really easy to get; like, we talking about 5 to 10 hours completion at max.

    Don't get me wrong, I understand that it's definitely not a #1 priority in a plan to make this game better (and there's a bunch of good ideas from other players around here) but for me personally, and I believe for some other players overall, it's pretty nice to have an extra reason to play or to have some extra challenge (that, for example, made around hero abilities; like, "Use Bamboozle to make an environmental kill" or something).

    Soo, yeah, I believe it would've been pretty awesome to get some "achievement list add-on's" in a later stages of game development (like, with addition of new heroes, modes, maps, etc).

  • @JohnnyRiver

    i agree

  • That would be nice, just if they are not crazy hard to get like Lucio's in Overwatch.

  • @IxIThe-Robin

    lucios? lucios werent hard? what one was hard?

  • @D4m0R3d said in More achievements?... Pretty please👏:


    lucios? lucios werent hard? what one was hard?

    The infamous " The floor is lava". It is too hard for me, playing on console

  • @IxIThe-Robin

    hmm yea that one was pretty easy to get on the well map, or the cant remember the names lol, red robo zone frozon map place lol. you would just camp out side their spawn and boop them. plus on the well map this was super easy peasy. idk it probs is way harder on controller though cause of the sensetivity and shit.