This game is going to be filled with toxic players. UNLESS...

  • So far Both betas have been extremely toxic not everygame but more than it should. People who leave the game, not playing with the team or trying to dive in and 1v4. In a game where the developers want it to be completely revolved around team fights there definitely should be harsher punishments than just a leaver penalty. I hope that on release when I come across players like this and report them they actually get punished whether it be unable to match make for a certain amount of time or if they consistently do this a ban of some sort. If the devs do not do something like this then I fear this game will lose alot of the playerbase and it will just get more and more toxic. This is also key to have a system like this in place for a game that has little publicity otherwise lots of ppl will quit and that will hurt them alot in the long run.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

  • This is a game where you have to learn how to play many characters and help your teammates. You can’t just pick bastardo every game when your team picks gizmo Maeve and zero. You’re probably not gonna be able to peel effectively. You probably shouldn’t go zero vs buttercup either. You get these people who refuse to switch characters to help the team or help themselves. It’s hard to not get frustrated with someone who has 8 deaths because they’re a daemon main but Maeve keeps caging and killing him and getting team fight winning reset chains starting with him.

  • I just want to be able to block people... but some kind of reporting system for toxic behavior is good to.

    But to be clear, besides the mention of leavers who are already being punished, none of the reasons @BlowingGoats or @HammerxOfxLight mentioned are good reasons at all. I'm not saying you're wrong that it's frustrating, but a person isn't report worthy just because they won't play the character you want them to play or are just generally bad at the game. Flaming someone for their fighter picks makes you report-worthy. Keeping an open mind, trying different strategies, and communicating suggestions well, while accepting critique and taking seemingly sub-optimal decisions in stride, are all more important to me. A questionable strategy can work pretty damn well if everyone is on board and willing to try it.

    And if they're just so bad that they run in 1v4 constantly and lose, then whatever they'll probably fall low enough in rankings eventually that you never have to see them again. That's the punishment for being bad at a game - you fight other bad people. The game just hasn't been out long enough for that to take place. I'd probably go ahead and block them myself if I could, not because they're toxic though. I just don't think they belong in the same skill queue as me.

  • I've talked about this issue to death and my opinion has only strengthened further in the direction that a one dimensional leavers penalty like the one implemented on the first evening of the 2nd Beta does not fix any of the problems presented, in fact it creates more.

    It was chaos on here and on social medias when it was live. Yes, it wasn't working quite as intended as the leavers penalty failed to clear for some players after completing the required 3 games. Outside of those complaints, there were several people saying they were unfairly punished because their game crashed or they disconnected or they left in an unfair 2v4 when they were about to lose. Those people got the exact same punishment that those that actually DID leave and did affect the game negatively.

    Every single game has selfish teammates, every single game has leavers. Bleeding Edge is no different in that regard. It does rely heavily on team play however. In a lot of cases during the Beta, most of the complaints about team mates are literally because they are NEW PLAYERS. Of course they don't know everything about the game yet. There's one side of the community that are playing for the first time and there's another who have been playing since last year. I know if I was a new player on that Friday night, I would have been discouraged from playing because of unfair punishments or people screaming down the mics.

    If we're being honest, a lot of the time the same people that complain and want leavers are toxic themselves. I had a few games where we were literally winning yet people were complaining down the mic and rage quitting...whilst we were winning!! I don't understand it but that's just the mentality of some people and it wont change because they can't play or can't receive rewards for a couple of games, if anything it will make things worse. Let alone the effect it has on those who have the leavers penalty unfairly as I mentioned above. It's difficult to be too critical sometimes though because at the end of the day, we're all playing to have some fun, people might be having shitty days. Not trying to trivialise the leavers issue but I'm convinced penalties are not the holy grail people think it will be - and what I continue to stand by even more so after the trial period in the Beta is that penalising leavers is so counter-intuitive and fuels toxicity even further.

  • Actually, this is an issue with every team based game. Luckily, if somebody leaves, another will join. This feature has saved many games, and also it doesn't feel that bad if you yourself join another match halfway through, because if they are losing and you put their team together, the feeling of heroism is really satisfying. And yes, there needs to be better punishment for those who leave or throw matches... Like temporary ban from queue (like 1 or 2 hours)

  • @BlowingGoats

    first of all, it was quickplay. second of all, its a beta. third of all, people tryna learn. fourth of all, get friends and play with friends if it bothers you so much.

    making leavers penalty more harsh is ehhhhh, i dont think thats a good idea. just allow us to block peeps.

    otherwise wait till comp comes out and all should be good