Parry Feedback

  • Hi, Bleeding Edge team and fellow gamers!!!

    Thank you very much for the AWESOME game! Love every piece of it!

    As feedback: please, after a successful Parry let cancel the return-to-idle-from-parry-pose animation and start an attack.
    (The parry-stunned opponent may not be able to attack but dash or parry)

    Now after a successful Parry you and your opponent freeze for almost the same time, so there is no reason parrying = dodging-dash is a more profitable & easier tactic.

    And Parry is so fun! Please, make it work as a real strategy! Duels will be even cooler!

    Thank you for your work!
    Can’t wait for the release to continue playing with our team!

  • Okay so I've now seen two suggestions for Parry I would like to support.

    a) decrease the animation lock time for the person parrying so they can actually use the stagger duration to their advantage.
    b) prevent the parried target from being able to immediately evade or parry within 1s of being parried.