feedback and improvements

  • please, in the dojo have unlocked mods so we can test which mods we want to go for.
    in the dojo, i can not switch mods, must go back to workshop then go back into dojo.

    i've had countless situations where i can not see my curse animation go off, but my teammates confirmed that they can see it over the enemy's head.

    a playlist with all unlocked mods, all of them usable in game. all 12-14 of them.. mayhem playlist.

    custom games where we can set our MLG settings, more time, more points, more mods for load outs, less mods for load outs, etc.

    the social tab loads up for me only after my first game, and then takes a good minute or two to open up.

    must invite a random person from the social tab, in order to invite from the xbox dashboard UI.

    the glitch where we see the same enemy team, from last game, in the first versus screen.

    after the progression patch, i was getting this notice on the bottom left in red color, saying that, my connection to the game was poor and you will be kicked. i've got this message about 10 times. i wasn't lagging or anything prior to this message, my connection was fine before and in the next game. it just randomly boots me out.

    anyways, great game, thanks for the patches and quick fixes !!

  • Please, please, please allow for custom games. We want to be able to test stuff out and spend more time understanding the maps.