Missing out on objective score due to non-kill credit.

  • During the last Beta, there were quite a lot of instances where our team would be seconds away from killing someone, either in Objective Control or Power Cells, only for them to just intentionally jump off the map or run into a map environmental. This resulted in losing out on the +10 OBJ Points or +1 PC points as they would be killing themselves. I ended up exploiting this too, I don't think it's at all fair though.

    This pairs nicely with some environmental kills still not being credited.

    As far as I'm aware, although it wasn't included in Patch Notes, it seemed in the last Beta if you killed someone with Kulev's bamboozle, it would now count as your kill which it didn't in the first Beta. Things like Makutu charging into fences still don't count as your kill though, again resulting in missing out on those vital points.

  • I was also super confused by this! Players were jumping off to not hand over Power Cells, which I KNOW wasn't the case in the last beta. Did it really take away the points you get for the kill as well? Dying at all comes with punishment, and artificially deleting power cells from the map is definitely not the way to go. They need to go back to how it was.

    Seriously I didn't see anybody ask for that, it's a bad change. And that definitely isn't the only thing that wasn't included in the patch notes. Shout out to Ninja Theory, make sure everyone is recording their agile stories so all changes are tracked and whoever that poor person writing the patch notes is can find them! Then have everyone do a review of it to confirm the changes. This is extremely important to us as players. In general, your community and marketing side of things could use like 10 more staff members than it has. Whoever is responsible for that is clearly overworked at the moment.

  • @Evade-This5965

    what are you talking about? what changed that was better originally, or that wasnt put in the patch notes? what do they need to go back to?