Lag/Framerate issues

  • This beta’a performance was significantly better than the first. However there are clearly still problems in both these areas

    The lag was still very bad in this beta until i plugged in a cable. This should not be the case because on all my other games playing wireless works just as well as wired which means something is still wrong with this game’s networking/servers/whatever

    Even though my lag has gone down, other people are still clearly lagging horribly as i often see players teleporting around everywhere which is very jarring and annoying

    Also the framerate is really bad. I think the goal is supposed to be 60 fps but it clearly runs nowhere close to that. The xbox one x may hit 60 i don’t know but i play on one S and it definitely is very low. Some moments are especially bad, for example every time I use Cass’s super the game always pauses for a second everything on screen freezes and then the super begins. That would simply be unacceptable for the full release

    So again, the second beta was much better than the first which is a great sign. But it’s not definitely not good enough yet for AAA online gaming quality standards. If they can make another leap in these 2 areas by the time this game launches then it will be solid. Not much time left but I will remain hopeful

  • Well, this is not an AAA title, but totally agreed with the whole thing. Performance is not really good on the One X either. Lag was horrible, and experienced some FPS drops as well in large teamfights.

    I have no idea how this will work on release, its clearly not finished. Really hope they have a miracle day 1 patch in the works atm. The funny thing is, i tried the game on PC and it stuttered! Like crazy.

  • @t1RabbitIII Not traditional big studio AAA but they are definitely aiming for that level of quality. Ninja theory calls their development style “independent AAA” and they also have the backing/resources of microsoft at their disposal

    So they must hit that standard which we all expect from major multiplayer releases. It’s what we want and I’m sure it’s what they want hopefully something can be done before launch

    I have games pass so I will be trying it again, but if i didn’t have GP then I would definitely not buy the game if it remains in its current state. It is fun and unique but these issues hold it back too much.

  • Performance was bad for me too. My PC is several years above the recommended spec, but the game froze frequently during fights.

    There's something going on with the effects that's murdering FPS -- under the same engine, 64 player Mordhau servers run without a hitch, even with completely unique custom characters, body parts, smoke, and fire flying everywhere. Here, it feels like I'm fighting against the frame drops more than anything.