Connection disconnecting is a huge threat to the game

  • Hey there I've been enjoying the game and have a love for it. However, my group of friends have all ran into the issue of disconnecting in the match whether the beginning or some time far in the match. This isn't a problem with any other game we play. I've been disconnected 8 times in one day, which means you don't get rewards from the match, you waist time, and get discouraged from playing again.

    Me and my friend talked about this in length here with also lots of clips of this issue happening to me.

    The point of this is here, if this game launches with this issue it adds unnecessary frustration that'll stop people from giving it a shot and will stop friends from playing it. This could kill the game even, and I mean that by this. This is a team playing game if you can't play with your friends because of the system with minimum connection, even for a dip, your friends will not play together because one or more will be constantly kicked out. I think this is the most immediate issue to be solved before launch.

  • Meh... streamers wondering why their bandwidth is taxed and affecting the game's connectivity. Nothing to see here. The overwhelming majority of players know to reduce their bandwidth usage as much as possible if they want a smooth game. No "million dollar internet" needed.

    I've seen zero disconnections in the entirety of my alpha and beta gameplay, with a moderate internet service level.

    This video comes across as a hit piece tbh. lol

  • @Sukzor This is also happened to me quite a bit it actually has happened today at least 10 times either at the beginning of a match or Long into a match And I play on Xbox. Every other game I play works fine and I do not get kicked or have any lag issue. So I know it is not my Internet or anything