We need deathmatch

  • So far no one plays objective and if they do the team gets split causing all of us to die. So can there be a kill based mode?

  • @BankableBlock99

    i agree there should be a tdm mode, cause yea alot of peeps seem to be doing that. not for competetive, but for casuals. plus you could use it to practice. but maybe when the game comes out and people are used to the game and are trying to win they will stop doing tdm in cell mode/ objective mode

  • @BankableBlock99 Definitely not a good idea. Tdm favors deathball comp 100% of the time which means insanely lopsided games as well as extremely boring and stale gameplay

    The bad/losing team will never group up and continue trickling into their deaths and it will become a stomp most of the time. Look at battlefront 2 heroes vs villains this is exactly what happens constantly in that mode

    Instead what they need to do is double down on objective gameplay, and most importantly spread out the objectives as much as possible so that teams must split up in order to win

    If you only have one control point active then it becomes a tdm in one area. If you have all three active then the deathball comp will always lose because they can only hold one point at a time and have to travel together which means the other team has two at all times and are guaranteed to win

    You must force teams to choose: do you want to deathball for more kills and lose or not deathball to have a chance to win. Tdm makes it so that deathballing will equal more kills and also winning because they are directly tied together

    This is not the right game for tdm it would be the worst mode by far

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