• Hi!

    My request is very simple, but I think it's essential!


    Share the parry command with evade is a bit frustrating, especially considering that we are always running around, than 90% times we perform dodge instead of parry because of this mechanic.

    PS: better matchmaking, based on statistic (K/D, WR, etc), would be appreciated.

    Thanks for ur attention.

  • @Pony-Mannaro dunno how they would do that on controller though. just gotta learn not to move when trying to do it. i guess rn it requires more skill. i would like if they opened the parry window up abit though so it wasnt so hard, but tbh i havent tried to much to do it. it just doesnt seem worth it still. but then again i havent really tried it. i need to practice it on the dojo if you can set those guys to attack anyways

  • @D4m0R3d just add a separate command. This game does not use a lot of key. However, doing this, u can structure attack and defense rly better: defend urselves from attacks from behind during movement, for example.
    Dunno, I think having the same key for two such different functions is really bad and it doesn't make sense at all.

  • @Pony-Mannaro

    yea it might make it to easy at that point, where you just run away spamming the button. to me it makes sense cause it yea it about rewarding skill. like you cant use it to run away really, you use it to counter attack or break a combo without wasting stamina, thereby allowing you to evade if you need to, but now it also rewards you with stamina, wich makes it so you can now also evade mid fight to futher fuck with them.

    idk man i reckon get some practice in, build the muscle memory of dont move when parry and it should be good.

  • @Pony-Mannaro The problem is there are no buttons left to choose from

    On xbox all the face and shoulder buttons are used for main actions and to put parry on dpad would be awkward and feel awful

    And they cannot only add this option on pc because there is crossplay so that would create an obvious and unfair advantage for one platform over the other

    It’s not great but it is the best given the alternatives