Ideas to make this game spectacular

  • English it's note my native language. SO : )
    1 - Kill cam: Please show your opponents and believe that many will start dancing on the screen.
    2 - Stickers: It is very difficult to see the stickers on the Skateboard, but it would be really cool for them to appear on the floor of the person you killed for a few seconds : )
    3 - Correct character classification: Daemon and Cass are difficult to play, put a rating for beginners not to select them. There is no point in leaving a fight alive if your entire team dies for this. There are excellent players using Daemon and Cass, but they are two extremely technical characters.
    4 - Final screen: think the piggy is very funny, they should increase its size, because the eyes when receiving money are insane. The final screen is very polluted after the piggy with the fight scenes, it should be the same as League of Legends or Smite. First it shows the damage of the characters, deaths later we vote on the pictures of the characters(you suck / TKS / you are Amazing).
    5 - Where's the music? :: I played a game with great songs, after the game I even bought some dances and then the songs stopped. Return the songs and let's dance in front of our enemies 🙂
    6 - I loved this game: Where are the new characters, new skins, everything, we need a lot more in Bleeding Edge and please don't make us wait until the 24th, let us play when we feel like it....alt text

  • @Andre-LMay-BR

    1- I find the killcam to be alright I don't know why people complain about it a lot.
    2-Why not.
    3-Cass is difficult to play, but daemon isn't difficult at all especially with some mods where he becomes ultra busted.
    4-I agree on this, the final screen looks a little messy, there's a lot of things going on.
    5-There's music but not in the middle of team fights.
    6-It's a beta I'm afraid you'll have to wait till the 24th but they said that they're gonna release new fighters, gamemods and obviously skins.

  • @Andre-LMay-BR

    i want them to make it so we can adjust where the stickers are on the hoverboards

    i also hope they allow us to place stickers on peeps that dont have hoverboards, like maeves ballon. buttercups seat, meckos bowl.

    also we should be able to apply trails to these characters, in maeves exhaust pipes on her balloon, on buttercups exhaust pipes, and on mekkos hoses (are they hoses?)

    also btw i think they already do say that cass is a difficult player i believe anyways. i think cass, maeve, and kulev are the characters that are classified as harder to play. i could be wrong though

  • 2 is a bit of a waste, look at how it's handled in Gears 5 with blood spray and how the community thinks the devs waste their time with it.
    No one stays around long enough to look at what's on the ground or you'll end up dead. Only recently with the FFA (free for all) mode does it show in the middle of your screen when you are killed, but then people only use insulting ones. Wouldn't fit this game.

  • @Jordanzts Each game has a specific feature. Gears is a very fast game and things like dancing, sprais are really useless. Bleeding Edge is more strategic, people spend more time fighting in the same place and the battles are longer. The Bleeding Edge stickers are more comical, there is one that resembles Kulev. It would be cool in the middle of the battle for all the fighters to step over an addict in the middle of the battle and see the sticker. It would be something like that, the Kulev who killed this one. It is not useless in Overwatch people need to use the controller to mark their moves and use the Spray, it is easier for the Spray to activate after killing the person in the same place. You say it's useless, but you didn't watch the Gears championship in Mexico, they used the characters' gestures and people went crazy.